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Get paid to give your audience free resources!

RevResponse offers a complete monetization system to business and technology site owners. Instead of traditional contextual ads, we provide publishers with free eBooks, magazines and white papers that relate to readers' interests and are relevant to the sites' content.

Simply integrate our monetization tools and get paid anywhere from $1.50 to $20 per lead for simply sharing the valuable resources we provide to your audience.

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Leads Processed:  

Use RevResponse to monetize:

  • Your Website or Blog
  • Your Email Newsletters
  • Your RSS feed
  • Your Confirmation Pages
  • ...and more!

RevResponse is perfect for:

  • Bloggers
  • Websites
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Associations
  • Forums
Some of our advertisers include:
How RevResponse Works
Advertisers send us valuable resources
Our technology matches them with your audience
Interested readers request the resources
You earn
revenue for
every qualified request!
Publishers Successfully Monetizing with RevResponse

"In addition to providing a reliable revenue stream, RevResponse brings extra 'value-add' content that our audience genuinely appreciates."
- Michael of

"RevResponse has given us an opportunity to capture revenue in areas where we don't typically..."
- Paul of

"The RSS to Email tool has been a nice supplement to my blog, generating over 53k subscribers in the last year."
- Martin of
RevResponse Case Study
This case study features, a partner that utilizes RevResponse to monetize their website and newsletter.

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