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RevResponse enables digital Publishers to effectively monetize all forms of B2B traffic via programmatic ad technologies, native advertising, and the largest inventory of professional content.

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How It Works

Gain access to the largest inventory of B2B content from top advertising Vendors.
Programmatic ad technology matches Vendor content with your Audience Demographics.
Native advertising tools seamlessly integrate Vendor content for your Audience to consume.
Earn revenue for leads generated that meet the Vendor's criteria.

Powerful Audience Insights

Your Analytics Dashboard and Audience Intelligence Reports include detailed demographic insights on your Audience. Use the dashboard to make smarter advertising decisions and guide the direction of your own content.

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Targeted content

Advanced targeting technologies match your Audience with our massive inventory of B2B Vendor content, including: exclusive eBooks, white papers, training courses and more...

Native advertising

Monetization tools can be seamlessly integrated with your content to create a non-disruptive experience for your Audience and drive the highest earning potential. Implementation is simple, plus custom options are available to fit your needs.

Form technology

Optimizing revenue streams is possible via world-class technologies including: predictive form completion, responsive design compatible with all devices, and LinkedIn social login– driving higher conversion rates and higher earnings per user.

Monetize Your Audience with RevResponse

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"The recent introduction of the audience analytics has allowed us to extract more value from our audience by running smarter and more highly targeted campaigns."
Sharon, PBP Media
"The native ad tools combined with high quality content has been a significant value add for our audience without disruption—driving a new steady stream of ad revenue each month."
Pankaj, JournalDev
"In addition to providing a reliable revenue stream, RevResponse brings extra 'value-add' content that our audience genuinely appreciates."
"The RSS to Email tool has been a nice supplement to my blog, generating over 53k subscribers in the last year."
RevResponse, The #1 B2B Publisher Network, has delivered professional content to Audiences across the globe and processed millions of leads for top advertising Vendors. Join us today.
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