The most frequently asked questions by Publishers about RevResponse:

General Questions 

  • 1. What is RevResponse? 

  • 2. How is RevResponse different from other networks? 

  • 3. How is RevResponse free? 

  • 4. Whom is RevResponse for? 

  • 5. Is RevResponse only for websites or can I use it on other properties? 

  • 6. Why does RevResponse have an approval process? 

  • 7. What are RevResponse’s selection criteria? 

  • 8. Can non-U.S. publishers sign up for RevResponse? 

  • 9. What kind of advertisers work with RevResponse? 

  • 10. Can I use the same account for multiple websites? 

  • 11. I can’t find an answer here, what do I do next? 

New Partner Questions 

  • 12. How do I get started with RevResponse? 

  • 13. How can I earn revenue from RevResponse? 

  • 14. How do I promote RevResponse’s offers? 

  • 15. How does my audience qualify for RevResponse offers? 

  • 16. What is TradePub and how is it affiliated with RevResponse? 

  • 17. How and when will I get paid? 

  • 18. What does an Account Manager do and how do I find out who mine is? 

Tool Wizard Questions 

  • 19. Can I view the publications before I promote them? 

  • 20. Can the qualification forms be shortened? 

  • 21. Do the publications come in other languages? 

  • 22. Is RevResponse’s code compatible with Google Adsense and others?  

  • 23. Does RevResponse offer XML feeds? 

  • 24. How do I add the code for the Tools to my site? 

  • 25. How do I know if the code is installed properly? 

  • 26. What happens if an offer expires?  

  • 27. What kind of reporting do I receive? 

Payment Questions 

  • 28. How much can I expect to make?  

  • 29. Is there a minimum monthly payment? 

  • 30. How will I get paid? 

  • 31. When will I get paid?  

Referral Program Questions 

  • 32. What does RevResponse do for affiliates? 

  • 33. How should I promote RevResponse’s affiliate program? 

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