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Are traditional ad modules dead? Is Adsense the only dependable method to monetize your content? The answers to those questions will vary depending on your experience but one thing we can all agree on is that these tools are over-utilized and well...just plain ordinary. People are getting smarter and many of us don't even notice online ads anymore. In fact, less than .08% of visitors click on banner ads. This begs new questions...Are there other effective ways to earn revenue from your assets? Can it be done without "tricking" visitors and by in fact, providing something they would deem valuable? Our mission is to be that solution. In this case study, we highlight GlobalSecurity.org, a leading source of defense, space, intelligence and homeland security. We go through their monetization objectives, how they utilized our RSS to Email tool to collect over 53,000 subscribers and earn more than $30,000 and counting. If you haven't tried RevResponse yet, go ahead and sign up. If you are already a partner, explore our innovative suite of tools to enable you to earn revenue from your RSS feed or confirmation/thank you page. You can also include one of our newest modules such as a lightbox, slider, top toolbar and more. Read the full case study below. RevResponse Case Study
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