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Two of our RevResponse team members will be at Ad:Tech New York this November and would love to meet you face-to-face. If you are planning to be at the conference or exhibit, let us know. We'd love to meet in person to discuss our current partner relationship and/or ideas you have regarding our network and what we can do for you. Just say the word, and we'll schedule a time to meet. David Fortino and Daniel Frignito will both be at Ad:Tech on November 5 & 6. Look for these two there and be sure to say hello!
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Hello Karen,

Where are you guys at AdTech? My colleague is there today and we can't find you in the exhibitor listing under "TradePub", "NetLine", or "RevResponse" and he'd like to say Hello to Daniel Frignito, our rep. If you could respond in the next 2 hours that would be great!

Sorry for the urgency and thanks for the great Blog!

Get It

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Hi Rich,

Daniel and David are both at the show but aren't exhibiting. They are attendees. I've asked Daniel to email you with his cell phone number so that you can coordinate for your rep and hopefully they will cross paths.

Let me know if they connect!

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Hello Karen,
I'm into Revresponse for quite some time. I would like you to kindly let me know if I can fill up the subscription form for some of the people so that they get the magazine subscription. Let me explain a bit....I work in an R&D organisation of a large industrial company, in India. There are nearly 300 engineers working over with me. I want to gift them some of the magazines that I'm sure they will like. One way, of course is to forward to them my Revresponse url through which they can subscribe but another way is to subscribe for them ,some magazines of their profession, from my PC itself. I know their house no. etc as all of us reside in one colony here.

Can I do that ? or will it be termed unethical? I'm pretty sure if I did that they'll like it .....and remember they all happen to be R&D engineers ....well educated, I mean.

Looking for your reply
Vijay Mathur

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Hi Vijay,

I'm glad you asked this question. It has come up a few times in the past. The answer is always the same: users must subscribe for themselves through your partner URL.

You are correct when you say that if you fill out the forms yourself, it will be deemed unethical. This practice would quickly be caught by our fraud system, and; in that case, your account would be terminated.

If you wish to give your users free subscriptions as a gift, please do so by providing them with a link to various offers and letting them know that they are welcome to subscribe to any/all offers that are relevant to them. But THEY must fill out the qualification forms from their own computers in their own locations.

Best of luck!