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Congratulations to Alejandro Alcalde of El Baúl del Programador (translated to "The Programmer's Chest"), a Spanish site focused on web development. For his feedback on our new monetization tools and site redesign, Alejandro wrote, "I think this design is better. I've [tried] the slideout box. It would be nice if it was possible to change where the slideout box appears. Regards and keep going!" He has installed the TopBar since (shown on the screenshot below).

Snapshot of El Baul del Programador

Thanks to everyone who participated and keep an eye out for other contests! As always, we want to hear what you think about our services. Email us anytime, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook, or use the Live Chat widget on our site (see below) anytime.

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Thank you very much for that guys, I don't have words!!, I hope revresponse continue growing.

Best regards!

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Congratulations :D

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Congratulations Alejandro!

Find out more about me @


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