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As we get ready for 2012, we took a step back to reflect on the previous years' wins within our network and you, our wonderful partners. Below you'll find a summary of the top performing tools, offers and partners (redacted of course) with snippets of useful information that you can capitalize on this year.

Top Performing Tools:

1. RSS to Email Tool - We introduced this new tool in February and it has garnered success with many of you. The product turns your RSS feed into free newsletters that are automatically sent to your readers. At the same time, it splices in relevant, free offers that stay within your co-branded site (vs. being sent to a third party site) and pays you each time a user successfully requests them (E.g. a marketing site may promote or generate a "Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts" PDF offer in their newsletter). Check out the bottom left corner of the above link for examples of how the newsletters and offers look. 2. Co-branded Sites - More and more partners took advantage of this feature to create a content resource page offering free whitepapers, PDFs and magazines to their readers that keeps the same look and feel of their site. For example, check out how one of our technology partners uses it for his site by clicking on the screenshot to the left for an enlarged image. Our partners averaged $5 per qualified lead when visitors downloaded an offer using both methods. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for either of these tools and one of our account managers will help you every step of the way.

Top Performing Offers:

The best performing offers for you will depend on your audience. If you run a marketing LinkedIn group, marketing-specific offers are going to work best for you. Keep that in mind as you view the top 10 offers of 2011 below.
  1. Oracle Magazine
  2. PCMag.com's What's New Now Newsletter
  3. Windows 7 - The Pocket Guide
  4. The Facebook Marketing Guide
  5. iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide
  6. Biophotonics International
  7. Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn
  8. Global Finance
  9. Introduction to Linux - A Hands-on Guide
  10. Microsoft Office 2010: Tips and Tricks
Microsoft Office ebookOverall, the partners who generated the most revenue were in the CRM, Engineering, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales verticals. Towards the end of 2011, we announced a few deals whereby we negotiated limited-time licenses to content exclusively for distribution across our network. We asked you to share them on your site, blog, forum, group or email list and not only did your readers learn from them but you earned revenue as well. The most successful partner generated over $2,000 in 5 days promoting one of our first ebook offers titled Microsoft Office: Tips & Tricks.

Top Performing Partners:

Last but not least, we analyzed the partners that generated the most revenue and listed some of the best examples below to showcase the various ways they’ve been successful. We have redacted their site information for obvious reasons.
  1. A large Business Community made over $100k averaging almost $15 per lead.
  2. An Human Resources site generated over 7,200 leads using their email list, earning a little over $67,000 with an average of approximately $9 per lead.
  3. An Online Marketing Blog that uses our co-branded site feature and promotes our offers through their newsletters made around $43,000 with about 9,000 leads, earning almost $5 per qualified download.
  4. A LinkedIn Group tailored towards marketers makes the list with $40,000 in revenue. This partner broadcasts relevant offers to the group with announcements.
  5. A Business Site generated over $35,000 using a combination of promotion methods including email blasts (including limited-time exclusive offers), a co-branded site and promoting specific offers on their sidebar.
Overall, the most successful partners were those with an existing email list and an engaged audience. To build yours, start with our RSS to Email tool. For unique ideas on how to generate revenue promoting our offers, check out these four ideas. Questions? Comments? Let us know in the comments. We’re happy to help.
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