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The Highest Revenue Driving Tool for Publishers Just Got Better

If You're Not Testing - You're Not Optimizing

RevResponse RSS-to-Email Case Study
Did you know RevResponse proudly offers complimentary RSS-to-Email newsletter tools and services to Publishers in the RevResponse Network? It’s true. Publishers receive email marketing best practices and essentials, including: subscriber and reputation management, optimized RSS-to-Email templates, reporting – and monetization capabilities.

What's the Big Deal?

In the 2015 RevResponse Trends Report, email was labeled the highest revenue driving tool for RevResponse Publishers. The channel that some say is dying remains the most consistent monetization tool available today. This year, RSS-to-Email continues to thrive as a top tool for sharing posts directly with readers, and driving traffic and revenue, while avoiding on-site ad blocking technologies.

Test, Test, Test

Unfortunately, RSS-to-Email newsletter templates can often be overlooked as an important element within the reader’s experience. The templates are rarely surfaced for auditing and optimizing opportunities; however, if there is one thing we know about email, if you’re not testing— you’re not optimizing. For this very reason RevResponse teamed up with a top publishing partner and newsletter owner, The Hacker News, to run a series of RSS-to-Email newsletter template tests measuring the impact of visuals on engagement and deliverability...

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The 2016 Recap and Strategy Session You've Been Waiting For

It's May Already? Let's Recap and Talk Strategy

RevResponse Dashboard Reports
Time is flying by…I cannot believe we are already two weeks into May! Our Team is always running so fast, we often forget to pause for that moment of reflection each month. So here we are, finally taking that minute to elevate ourselves from the day-to-day tactics to recap and talk strategy.

First let’s start with a little review…



The RevResponse Publisher Network has increased lead volume 104% year-over-year! Digging deeper into this year’s 4 month trend versus the prior:
Sessions +20% | Users +10% | Pages / Session +8%
The Network’s increased engagement has correlated to 25% higher ‘content requests per form’ (phenomenal growth!)


    1. Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual
    2. Online Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking - FREE Video Training Course
    3. Computer and Hacking Forensics - FREE Video Training Course
    4. 6 Steps to an Effective Performance Monitoring Strategy
    5. How to Build a Strategic Account Plan

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New Study Unveils the Content over Commerce Game-Changer All Publishers Need to Know

Content Over Commerce: A Publisher’s Strategy to Increase Revenue +126%

Have you ever tested a RevResponse content campaign against ecommerce affiliate promotions to measure which drives the higher ROI? Not only that – have you ever determined which promotion type resonates more with your audience’s interests and drives the most engagement? We have!

In a new case study with top tech education publisher, RevResponse sought to prove whether sponsored content could outperform commerce in both earnings and engagement – and the findings are startling.

We are encouraging all publishers to read this case study and then evaluate...

Are you providing a relevant and value-add experience for your audience across all channels?


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In the Press: RevResponse Announces Fully Redesigned Content Library Website,

Press Release: Content Strategy and User Experience Overhaul Leads to Increased Publisher Earnings

New TradePub Website
"We entered this initiative with one primary goal: let the content do the talking and get out of the way," said David Fortino, VP Audience Development, NetLine Corporation. "Playing the role of a content conduit to our discerning audience is a responsibility we carry with us daily and it's an honor to represent some of the world's greatest brands in their various audience outreach endeavors."

Early analysis of the redesign is telling a compelling story for this audience focused approach by RevResponse. The full suite of enhancements produced a more powerful and compelling content request flow for all users. By improving the methods for content discovery RevResponse increased the average content request count per active user by 30% and increased the revenue generated per active user by 12%. The mobile audience responded to the new streamlined mobile menu and page design with a significant improvement in engagement including bounce rate reduction of 10% and pages per session increase of 20%.
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The 2015 RevResponse Network Trends in Review

Publisher, Content Marketing, and Audience Trends in Review

Kicking off a new year in business should always involve a moment of reflection, and the publisher world is no different. Reflection is not just about saying, “earnings were up xx%,” it’s about the WHAT and the WHY. We are breaking down the top trends and takeaways from 2015 covering Publishers, Content, and Audiences....
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RevResponse Reporting Update:

Hello Publishers, The RevResponse Team is running maintenance on all RevResponse reports. This maintenance will affect your reports for 1/27/16. RevResponse will confirm when the reporting maintenance window has ended. We apologize for any the inconvenience this may cause.

Update 1/29/16: The maintenance window is complete. All RevResponse Reports are up-to-date. Thank you for your patience.

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RELEASED: Redesign Complete

New Year - New Website...

We are pleased to announce that the first step of the Redesign was completed on Thursday evening. This release included the full site redesign of along with all Publisher sites using the template. Our Publisher Partners with a custom co-branded site will be releasing over the next few weeks.

The RevResponse Team has been dedicated to bringing you this second phase before the holidays and today we are very excited to share it with you. We have detailed all of the exciting updates below, take a look and enjoy!

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Holiday Announcements for All Publishers

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

From the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) to the place you call home, including: Sydney, Australia – London, England - New York City – and many more cities across the globe. 2015 has been an amazing year for the RevResponse Network and Team. So many accomplishments, changes, and GROWTH!

From the RevResponse Team and the entire NetLine Corporation we would like to thank you for your Partnership and we look forward to another exciting year ahead! Next week, while we enjoy this special time with our families and friends, our offices will be closed from Friday, December 25th through Friday, January 1st. We will reopen Monday, January 4, 2015.

While we are away there are several special treats you might be interested in:

    • Most Popular Offers of 2015 (new kit)
    • Cocktails for Dummies (new eBook)
    • …and a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

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New Lead Generation Forms Released

Important Update for all Publishers

The RevResponse Team is pleased to announce this week's release of new lead generation forms for the entire network.