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Welcome to RevResponse

Congratulations! You join 15,000+ digital publishers including bloggers, social media influencers, site owners and more. You help make RevResponse the #1 B2B Publisher Network. Developing your new monetization program will be simple. Check out the RevResponse Getting Start Guide.
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Hot Offer Alert for All Publishers: Surface Pro 3 Bundle Sweepstakes

Ready, Set, Go! We have a hot new offer available to all Partners for immediate promotion:

“Enter to Win the New Surface Pro 3 Bundle Sweepstakes before May 15!”

Sweepstakes Bundle includes:

  • New Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet
  • Type Cover and Surface Sleeve
  • 2-year warranty
  • 1-year subscription to Office 365

Similar to all other RevResponse offers, your readers will need to complete the request form with accurate work-related contact information to be entered for a chance to win.

This is sweepstakes offer is a great bonus for your readers and an excellent way to increase earnings this month!

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Winner's Circle: Partner #BeatYourBracket Challenge

(March 2015 Partner #beatyourbracket Challenge)

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A Record-Breaking March

In January we were happy to announce the phenomenal growth in 2014, including: +60% Partner Earnings, +73% Leads Generated, and +26% Partner Activity.

Already this year, there is so much more excitement as we wrap-up Q1 and a record-breaking March. An Amazing kick-off to 2015!

This month was excellent! Major momentum was generated by the Partner #beatyourbracket Challenge, our second Partner Challenge. Final winners and stats will be released later today; how, appropriate with the final game tonight (for basketball lovers!) Plus, so far this year we have been fortunate to continue to work with some of the best publishers and advertisers industry wide - landing strong offers for the network.

Thank you to all of our Partners for continuing the outstanding growth, year-over-year and month-over-month. Keep it up! #revvup

Ps. There are several exciting new projects underway for Q2 – be on the lookout!

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Top 5 Amazing and Free Stock Image Sources

Top 5 Amazing and Free Stock Image Sources

iStock Getty Images Work your magic-Unfinished Business

As a Partner of the RevResponse network, I like to share tips and tricks on everything monetization...but this week I thought I would share this visually entertaining article I published on In it you may find a new favorite source of free stock images to use in your future posts. Enjoy!

Remember: Always post with a complimentary visual.


Have you seen this amazingly hilarious spin on stock photos produced by the cast of Vince Vaughn’s new movie “Unfinished Business” and iStock by Getty Images? It’s viral gold. This photo, starring Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco, is a masterpiece titled, “Work Your Magic.”

Who hasn’t been shot this look before; sitting around the boardroom table surrounded by executives that don’t know your name, in complete doubt of your fourth quarter forecast. It’s perfect.

Images really are the beginning, middle, and end of your content – or at least they SHOULD be! Grab your audience, keep your audience, and release your audience with engaging, complementary, and meaningful imagery that delivers your message. Work your magic with images.

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Final Round: Hot Offers to Promote Now

Partner Challenge

Final Round: Hot Offers to Promote Now!

I hope your RevResponse Bracket is looking better than my basketball bracket...(too many upsets!) We are coming into the final week of the #beatyourbracket Challenge and the offers are hotter than ever. Check out the new Dummies Guide offers, plus an awesome Hacking video training course. Remember, there are only a few days left!

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Week 3 Offers: Google for Work

Partner Challenge

Week 3 Offers: Google for Work

March is off to an amazing start! Great job to all of our Partners, especially those participating in the #beatyourbracket challenge.

This week we have special new offers available from Google (made for IT audiences). Plus a few other hot offers. Check it out....

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Week 2: Top 5 Hot New Offers This Week

Partner Challenge

Week 2: Top 5 Hot New Offers This Week

Thank you and good luck to all of our Partners that signed up for the Bracket Challenge (you know who you are, wink wink). Here this week's hot new offers. Review all five to see what connects with your readers. Tip: Don't forget to include your Partner URL and unique channel codes to track the campaigns; and always test the offer before you promote!

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Final Hours to Sign Up


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The #beatyourbracket Challenge Presents: This Week's Hot Offers

Partner Challenge

This Week's Hot Offers

The RevResponse Team will be providing weekly recommendations on hot offers. The offers will be updated weekly and are subject to change and expiration; so be on the lookout! Start now by promoting one of this week’s hottest offers... Tip: Don't forget to include your Partner URL and unique channel codes to track the campaigns; and always test the offer before you promote!


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