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Putting Faces to Names

No, I’m not narcissistic. Despite the fact that my face is running down the side of the screen right now, it’s not in an effort for fame. It is just another RevResponse feature to let you know that we (the NetLine Team) are real, are here, and are ready to help you in any way possible.

In addition, you can bring your personality to these pages by uploading your photo.

Here’s how you can personalize your RevResponse presence:

Step #1:

Step #2:

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A Little Delay

UPDATE #2 (2:20 EST 02/04/08): The RevResponse reports are continuing to run correctly; but, we want to let you know about the error and its fix. Previously, the reports were being processed and updated at approximately 8am EST. At that time our database runs a number of other tasks. It was being overloaded and, therefore, processing earnings incorrectly. Now you will notice that the email reports arrive to you around 11am EST and the online reports update at that same time. While this information is coming a little later, it is accurate.

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Challenge: Resolution for Higher Revenues

2008 Resolution for Higher Revenues Challenge
Now that the start of the new year is a month behind us, and we’ve all taken care of our personal resolutions, it’s time to resolve to generate higher revenues this year. In an effort to help you kick-start that resolution, we’re challenging you to bring in extra earnings in the month of February. With RevResponse’s high payouts we know you’ll bring in cash, but with this challenge you can win some nifty prizes to boot!

Goal: Beat your January volume by 50 subs/leads or more.

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Sizes, and colors, and headers... oh my!

Ask and you shall receive.

Many of you have used the ad wizard to create promotions for your sites, blogs, and newsletters. Now, you have even more at-your-fingertip promotional options.

Here’s what’s new:

More Sizes!

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You’ve Got Mail (reports that is)

Last month I blogged about the RevResponse email reports being offline. Well, starting tomorrow they are up and running. If you’ve signed up for daily reports you can expect to receive them each morning beginning tomorrow. For those of you who’ve signed up for the weekly reports you’ll see those each Sunday.

To sign up to receive these emails, first log in, then go to My Account.

Next, select the Account Details tab.

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The Check's in the Mail

Happy 2008!

I wanted to let you all know that checks for the revenue you generated in October were cut on December 26th and should have made their way to your mailboxes by now. Enjoy!

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We Wish You A...

On behalf of everyone at NetLine Corporation I’d like to wish all of our partners a Merry Christmas and/or a happy holiday season! NetLine will be closed for the holidays from December 25, 2007 and January 1, 2008. But don’t worry! Most of us can’t stay away that long and we’ll be checking the forum and making sure that all of your needs are met even while the corporate offices are closed. We aim never to take a holiday from our valued partners – YOU!

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Email Reports

When you fill out your account information in the “Account Details” tab of “My Account,” you have the option to sign up for daily or weekly progress reports that will come to you via email. Those of you who have signed up for those emails may have noticed that you have yet to receive any from us.

We wanted you to know that the email reports are currently being reworked and are offline. We’ll start sending you the emails you requested some time in January. But, until then, you can still track your progress with the RevResponse reporting tools.

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Tis the season for change…

Since sending out the big announcement about this new partner portal, we’ve gotten plenty of great feedback from you. While we love the praise and suggestions, we also welcome any criticisms or questions. Many of you have asked “why?” – You ask: why create a new partner portal? We say: why not?

In all seriousness, though, we wanted to give you a space where you could create your promotions, track your revenue, and chat with us – all in one place. Some of these tools were available to you before, many were not.


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