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How To Retain Your Audience After Google Reader Shuts Down

R.I.P. Google Reader Say goodbye to Google Reader, which will be shutting down July 1, 2013 according to Google's blog. By now, this announcement isn't news. In fact, our social media channels were in an uproar when the news first hit as we're sure yours was as well. Most of us consume our information through RSS. Obviously, it's not the only platform that allows us to but it's the most popular. I couldn't find the exact number of users Google Reader has for this post but it's safe to say it's in the tens of millions. As users and bloggers ourselves, we're concerned about finding a viable alternative and losing our readers as many others are. Before we get into solutions for these issues, it's worth taking a moment to discuss the reason Google cited for retiring the service, stating "...over the years usage has declined." We've seen many articles speculate it's due to an effort to push more users to consume information through the floundering Google+ instead. While we'll likely never know for sure, it's worth noting that the methods we use to consume news has changed. RSS is NOT dead by any means as it has been contemplated by many authors. In actuality, our dependency for information discovery has widened. We're spending more and more time on social networks and as a result, we've relying on them for the latest news. Think about how often you discovered a breaking story on Twitter/Facebook, or a new job posting on LinkedIn before you opened your RSS reader? While RSS readers are best for aggregating articles and allowing you to quickly scan headlines, it doesn't beat instant gratification. All is not lost and as I alluded to in the title, there are solutions to keep your audience engaged and to ensure you minimize the impact of your site traffic.
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BlogNotions: Another Way for Bloggers to Monetize through RevResponse is Coming

BlogNotions logoIn a few weeks, we’re launching BlogNotions, a content distribution platform that compiles the latest buzz in the blogosphere from industry leaders. BlogNotions is actually an entity of ours that is already up and running under a separate domain. We’re moving it to live inside of RevResponse as yet another channel for our partners to generate revenue.

Until it goes live, the purpose of this blog post is to educate you about the program so you know what’s coming. We hope it gets you as excited as we are about the launch – keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement in the next few weeks.

What can BlogNotions do for me?

BlogNotions provides readers with a full spectrum of information from the top leaders in the space. They cover mostly every vertical in the B2B space - everything from technology, business, and marketing – and are received by over 2 million site visitors & email subscribers every month.

With the program, you have the opportunity to build thought leadership, expand your audience reach, and earn revenue. All from your existing posts. That means we won’t require bloggers to write for us, but simply to syndicate the blog posts you've already written. To measure the impact of your new-found readership, an analytics report will be sent monthly to help you gauge your expanded influence.

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See you at Affiliate Summit East in Philadelphia?

If you haven't heard of the Affiliate Summit, it's the conference for affiliate marketers and lead generation publishers. In its tenth year, it provides a great forum for educational sessions on the latest trends and networking for publishers, affiliate managers, networks and the like.

The Affiliate Summit East will be held on August 18-20 in our backyard of Philadelphia and we want to meet you! Drop us a line in the comments below if you'll be in the area and we'd love to set up a time to chat.

Finally, we all know the affiliate marketing and lead generation industries are fragmented which can make it difficult to accumulate reliable information. The AffStat Affiliate Marketing Benchmarks group surveys affiliates every year to collect data about demographics, best practices, and more. Take a look at the results in 2012 to give you an idea of the valuable information aggregated after you take it yourself. And psst...don't forget to include RevResponse in your answer to #22 (for which networks you use)!

Take the 2013 AffStat survey here. We hope to see you there!

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Tool Highlight: TopBar - Monetize via a Toolbar on the Top of your Site

Note: If you added this the TopBar before December 2012, please update your code by reinstalling it.

We launched the TopBar back in May of 2012 as part of 3 brand new monetization tools. The goal was to provide another way to monetize a resource in a unique way. This particular one displays one featured offer every time a visitor comes to your page or refreshes. It can easily be minimized or maximized per a reader's preference. An example is shown below.

TopBar example

The TopBar can be added in 3 steps. First, select your brand if you have multiple sites. Don't skip the channel code field and add "TopBar" so you can distinguish how much revenue it's bringing in through the "Report by Channel" page. Select a color that matches or compliments your site design, then choose the categories that correspond with your site theme (and be as specific as possible to optimize your conversions). If it looks good on the "Preview" pane, generate the ad code and copy it on your header or index file.

Always test to make sure it appears properly before pushing the change live. Here's a screenshot of an example I created:

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INFOGRAPHIC: You + RevResponse

Happy Valentine's Day!

We couldn't think of a better way to show our appreciation then to create a visual representation on how we've grown together last year. How have you evolved? How have we improved? The interactive infographic below provides the highlights. Take a look to gain more insights into how our partners performed collectively, where they reside, what tools they use and more. We also dive into the number and type of leads generated, as well as some of the campaigns you've participated in. We recommend viewing this in FireFox or Chrome, not Internet Explorer.

Bonus: In addition, we produced a brand new "How RevResponse Works" video, now live on our homepage. Finally, an easier way to explain how you generate revenue from our network!

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A Brief Spotlight on International Offers

world map

According to our last infographic, 70% of the leads you generated came from the US. That leaves quite an untapped opportunity to pursue downloads from other countries.

If you're an international partner looking for geographic resources to offer your audience or a U.S. partner with a wide reach that wants to cater to a specific demographic, we're highlighting 8 popular international offers in this post. Not only are they performing well, they're also paying out commissions of up to $22 dollars. Take a look at the demographic data in your Google Analytics to see which of the bunch would be suitable for you (don't forget to ensure they're relevant to your audience). If one catches your eye, add your cobranded tradepub link to the URL so you can get credit for the lead.

Information Technology offers:
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RevResponse Exclusive: Windows 8 - Fifty Questions & Answers You Need to Make a Decision (Normally $9.95)

It's been a few months since we've run an exclusive offer and this particular guide is a good way to start the new year. The Windows 8 eBook, normally sold for $9.95, is available for free from now until Tuesday, January 22nd at midnight.

Why should you promote it?

Exclusive offers almost always perform better because 1) they're only available for a short time, 2) they're discounted heavily (and free in this case), and 3) are based on a hot topic.

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New: Subscriber counters & opt-in widgets for the RSS to Email Tool


Two of the top requested features for our RSS to Email tool is 1) a widget to count the number of list subscribers and 2) new designs for our opt-in boxes.

Viola - they're here! For the counter widget, we've created 4 designs to choose from in various colors. If you need an incentive to add it to your sidebar, we've also included your referral link in the image. That means if a visitor clicks on the counter and signs up to RevResponse, you'll earn 20% of their revenue for the first six months of their partnership.

You've worked hard to build your list. Now is the time to show it off. Here's how to add one of these counters to your site:

Step 1: Select the design you want to add from the selection above.

Step 2: Select the colors you'd like to match your site. Keep in mind the "Powered by RevResponse" text cannot be modified. In the first design, you can modify the color of the numbers & "subscribers" text as well as the blue background color. In the second, the green background can be changed as well as the "subscribers" text. For the third, you can select a color for the background color and border. Finally, the numbers in the fourth design can be altered.

Step 3: Email your Account Manager with the information above and they'll send a custom branded file with the code needed to add it. If there are specific hex colors you'd like to include, you can pass them along as well. A quick note if you don't like the colors you get back, you can modify them yourself in the HTML once you have the code.

Almost the same process goes for the opt-in boxes. There are 4 subscriber widgets to choose from. Select the color, size and email your account manager. You can also choose to remove the borders. Note: Sizes are not true to size.
RevResponse subscriber widgets

We'll be adding these to the site momentarily. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know you can start taking advantage of them now.

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Switch to RevResponse's FeedBurner Alternative $1,000 Bonus ends Nov. 12th

Almost a million subscribers are in the process of being imported to our RSS to Email tool since we started our Switch to RevResponse bonus last month offering $100 for every 1,000 subscribers imported. Dozens of partners have gained relief from their FeedBurner's woes. One of which has already earned more than $1,500 in one week from our monetization feature.

Switch to RevResponse screenshot

If you're on the fence, here are some of the main reasons our partners have switched to our Feedburner Alternative and why you should as well before our $1,000 bonus offer runs out on Monday, November 12th:

They wanted to stop paying hundreds of dollars for an email campaign service. Our solution is completely free.

They were reassured our service does NOT mandate subscriber re-optins. This means they can safely substitute solutions without losing a single reader.

They liked the idea of previewing their email newsletter before wasting time considering a switch. To see yours in action, visit our Switch to RevResponse landing page.

They realized they didn't have to sacrifice customization or personalization from a free solution. We offer multiple newsletter templates, color customization, flexible delivery and even personalized headers from our in-house designers.

They liked the monetization angle and are already earning more than Google Adsense. To see how GlobalSecurity (one of our first partners to utilize the RSS to Email tool) generated over $30,000 the first year, download our RSS to Email tool case study. And of course, the $1,000 bonus we're offering hasn't hurt!

You might be wondering, "Well, I'm already set up on Feedburner or [insert your alternative here], how much time will it take to move everything over?" That's a great question and we put together a slidedeck you can view below that shows EXACTLY what it will take step-by-step.

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INFOGRAPHIC: RevResponse Partners Quarter 3 Results

The third quarter flew by and as we've done previously after Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, we diligently went over every lead and dollar you've generated over the last three months to extract the most useful performance data.

We looked at the most leads and revenue a partner has generated and shared their Quarter 3 records. We analyzed the leads to see where they came from, the types of company sizes selected and the job positions most frequently listed. We also compared our various monetization tools to see which came out on top.

And we didn't stop there. We went even deeper and you'll notice we also shared specific partner data such as how many applicants are actually accepted to our network, where they live and the highest a partner has generated in one month (which is over $23,000 by the way!).

Finally, we featured the RSS to Email tool and how well certain partners are doing by taking advantage of our Referral Program.

I'll be quiet now so you can take a look. We hope it will sprout ideas you can leverage. As always, your feedback and comments are always welcome!

RevResponse Q3 Infographic