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RSS to Email Tool: See it in Action Using YOUR Feed!

The best way to understand how a product works is to be able to see it for yourself. A couple of weeks ago, we created a video tutorial of our RSS to Email tool to help you understand how it monetizes RSS feeds and to walk you through how painless it is to set up.
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Yes, you can Monetize your Subscription Confirmation Pages too!

The ideal situation for a site owner or blogger is to have visitors opt-in to future updates by subscribing to an RSS feed or newsletter, and thus becoming loyal readers. Instead of sending messages hoping to be found by their target audience, they elect to receive them firsthand. This is referred to as permission or inbound marketing.
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We're now on Twitter and Facebook!

We're committed to providing superior service to our partners and to further that promise, we just set up new accounts on Twitter and Facebook. This doesn't mean you still can't reach us by email, instant message or your preferred channel. It just means we're extending our presence so you can communicate with us in more places. So go ahead, find us on Twitter and Facebook. We already like each other, let's make it official!
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FeedBurner Alternative: RevResponse's RSS to Email Tool

We launched our RSS to Email Tool a few months ago and we have been collecting great feedback from our publishers. We've also been hearing the same questions about how it works and to help, we put this post together in an effort to answer the most frequently asked questions. Question #1: "What does RevResponse's Email to RSS tool do?"
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Our Top Tools, Offers & Partners of 2011

As we get ready for 2012, we took a step back to reflect on the previous years' wins within our network and you, our wonderful partners. Below you'll find a summary of the top performing tools, offers and partners (redacted of course) with snippets of useful information that you can capitalize on this year.

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Happy Holidays from the RevResponse Team

Click on the envelope below to view our Holiday greeting!
We send our best wishes for a prosperous 2012! -The RevResponse Team (Dave, Dan, Laurie, Nell & Yasmine)
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End 2011 with a Four-Figure Check Using These Ideas

It’s already December! A little hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s time to pull out your decorations, adorn your house and prepare to see family and friends. December is also one of the best times to be a publisher. We put together five ideas on how you can take advantage of the Holidays to earn supplemental income to end the year. We even provided a time estimate on how long each idea would take to implement for extra encouragement. All of them are 30 minutes or less!
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Another RevResponse Exclusive Offer: Free PC Security Guide from Windows Secrets - Normally $9.95

ANNOUNCING ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Our publishers had such great success with our last exclusive offer, we’ve gone ahead and added another one (one publisher made over $2k!). This time it's a Free PC Security Guide from Windows Secrets that normally sells for $9.95. This eBook provides best practices on how to protect computers from online viruses and other threats. Free PC Security Guide - Normally $9.95. Special offer expires on 12/6/2011 @ 12 AM PST.
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Exclusive RevResponse Offer (Valued at $6.95)

Right now we have an exciting offer that is being promoted exclusively through TradePub and through you, our partners. FREE eBook Microsoft Office 2010: Tips and Tricks - Limited Time Offer. *Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This $7 Value eBook Expires 11/16/2011. Don’t miss your chance to promote this exclusive offer.
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Meet with the RevResponse Team at Ad:Tech New York 2011

The RevResponse Audience Development team will be headed to Ad:Tech New York next week. If you are planning to be at the conference, let us know. We'd love to meet in person to discuss our current relationship and/or ideas you have regarding growing our partnership. We look forward to seeing you at the show! Ad:Tech New York November 8 - 11, 2011 Jacob K. Javits Center