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5 Little Ways to Make RevResponse Work Better for You

Did you know there are specific actions you can take when you promote our resources to maximize your usage from RevResponse and earn more revenue? We’ve put together five tips that do just that for you below. 1. Blog posts and email blasts convert the most.
Our most successful partners either publish blog entries or send an email to their list about a particular offer. Bonus tips: Individual, stand-alone offers perform three times as much as opposed to mentions of multiple resources. A common pattern among our top earners is personalization. Instead of simply copying information about the whitepaper, eBook or magazine from the publication page, they take the time to introduce it with a story, statistics or other information that engages the reader. How can you do this in your next promotion?
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RevResponse Exclusive Offer: Information Security Kit (Normally $9.99) + 3 Related eBooks!

Information Security BundleWe're rolling out a familiar yet new offer to you this week. Not only have we regained rights to a free and valuable Information Security eBook normally sold for $9.99, we're also attaching three related eBooks to provide a fully loaded bundle for your audience. Encourage your readers to grab it until this Thursday, March 15th before they miss out on this limited time deal. This self-titled Scrappy Information Security Kit includes the following: - "Scrappy Information Security:" Who remembers "The Net" with Sandra Bullock? Or the recent movie "Untraceable" with Diane Lane? Cyber crime is no joke and this eBook is for everyone who wants to protect the security and privacy of their online information. Save $9.95 and download it now to take action-oriented steps to keep you safe. - "Social Networking & Security Risks:" Focusing specifically on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, this document outlines the security concerns with each and identifies solutions to protect you, your personal information and your Company data. If you're concerned about cyber bullying, give this one a read. - "Magic Quadrant for User Authentication:" Jumping to the Enterprise level, this whitepaper takes the opposing viewpoint and discusses what businesses can do to secure user identities as well as how to select authentication vendors. - "Key E-Discover Issues to Consider:" The popular security software Company, Symantec Corporation, provides its input on how organizations can improve their electronic discovery process to avoid court sanctions, reduce potential litigation costs and increase regulatory compliance. How can you optimize your revenue from this offer? Our top earning partners have seen that writing a blog post about the offer (ensuring they list the value of the free offer) or sending an email blast works best. Feel free to use any of the information above. Questions? Comments? Leave me a comment and I'll be happy to help.
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NEW: Refer-a-Friend Program - $100 Total Cash Bonus (Ends March 31, 2012)

refer a friendWe've hit the ground running so far this year, launching new tools, expanding our social presence, sharing new ways to monetize your site and releasing feedback surveys. We think you'll enjoy our latest - our spanking new, limited time refer-a-friend program!

What's the RevResponse Refer-a-Friend Program?

As our partners, you're already familiar with our service and monetization tools. While we offer a competitive Referral Program, we wanted to do more. With this promotion, you still keep 20% of their earnings for six months AND you'll get an additional $75 on top PLUS your friend will get $25 of their own to get started. It's a sweet deal, right? We hope you think so.
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How to Use RevResponse with Your AWeber, MailChimp or Other Email Campaign Solution

We recently published a blog post exploring how we help publishers monetize certain pages on their site, specifically their confirmation, registration or thank you pages. This entry explores how partners can use RevResponse in conjunction with their existing email campaign software. AWeber, Mailchimp and similar tools provide marketers the ability to collect the emails of their subscribers and share their content with their readers. Whether it's to register for upcoming content, publish their RSS feed or assimilate the latest news, they provide a capability to allow readers to receive the information in a convenient manner. One of our offerings to help partners monetize this aspect is through what we have named the "PubStream widget." Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to earn revenue with this process, no matter which email marketing solution you utilize.
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RSS to Email Tool: See it in Action Using YOUR Feed!

The best way to understand how a product works is to be able to see it for yourself. A couple of weeks ago, we created a video tutorial of our RSS to Email tool to help you understand how it monetizes RSS feeds and to walk you through how painless it is to set up.
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Yes, you can Monetize your Subscription Confirmation Pages too!

The ideal situation for a site owner or blogger is to have visitors opt-in to future updates by subscribing to an RSS feed or newsletter, and thus becoming loyal readers. Instead of sending messages hoping to be found by their target audience, they elect to receive them firsthand. This is referred to as permission or inbound marketing.
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We're now on Twitter and Facebook!

We're committed to providing superior service to our partners and to further that promise, we just set up new accounts on Twitter and Facebook. This doesn't mean you still can't reach us by email, instant message or your preferred channel. It just means we're extending our presence so you can communicate with us in more places. So go ahead, find us on Twitter and Facebook. We already like each other, let's make it official!
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FeedBurner Alternative: RevResponse's RSS to Email Tool

We launched our RSS to Email Tool a few months ago and we have been collecting great feedback from our publishers. We've also been hearing the same questions about how it works and to help, we put this post together in an effort to answer the most frequently asked questions. Question #1: "What does RevResponse's Email to RSS tool do?"
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Our Top Tools, Offers & Partners of 2011

As we get ready for 2012, we took a step back to reflect on the previous years' wins within our network and you, our wonderful partners. Below you'll find a summary of the top performing tools, offers and partners (redacted of course) with snippets of useful information that you can capitalize on this year.

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Happy Holidays from the RevResponse Team

Click on the envelope below to view our Holiday greeting!
We send our best wishes for a prosperous 2012! -The RevResponse Team (Dave, Dan, Laurie, Nell & Yasmine)