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Money, Money, Money, MONEY!

Payments for your January earnings were processed yesterday. You should receive your earning checks and PayPal payments within the next day or so. Check the Payment Report for details of your payment history.
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What Does Your Audience Want?

We want to open up the discussion to find out from you what types of offers you would like to see available in our network. It’s your turn to tell us what you want to give away for free. Of course we can’t guarantee that just because you want it, we can get it. But we’ll sure try!
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Payments Made

Payments for your December earnings have been processed. We have mailed your earning checks and submitted your PayPal payments for the month of December. If you hit the $50 minimum as of December, you'll be getting your payment from us within a few days. Check the Payment Report to see if you’ve got a check or PayPal payment en route.

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You + RevResponse

Happy Valentine's Day!

We couldn't think of a better way to show our appreciation then to create a visual representation on how we've grown together last year. How have you evolved? How have we improved? The interactive infographic below provides the highlights. Take a look to gain more insights into how our partners performed collectively, where they reside, what tools they use and more. We also dive into the number and type of leads generated, as well as some of the campaigns you've participated in.

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Creative Promoting Part 2: Making Recommendations

Are you looking for a new way to generate earning with RevResponse? Allow me to make a recommendation: use your personal or professional influence to tout specific offers. In our February edition of the Creative Promoting Blog Series, we are recommending the value of recommendations.
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Exclusive Offer For RevResponse Partners (Valued at $119)

Right now we have an exciting offer that is being promoted exclusively through TradePub and through you, our partners. FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to EContent Magazine. *An annual subscription to EContent Magazine typically costs the subscriber $119. Now, you can provide this value to your users for no cost! Don’t miss your chance to promote this exclusive offer.

About EContent:
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Money Monday

Payments for your November earnings were processed on Friday. You should have received your earning checks and PayPal payments over the weekend. Check the Payment Report for details of your payment history.
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Creative Promoting Part 1: Think Outside of the IAB Box

There is something refreshing about the beginning of January. It is that invigorated, new year feeling that leads many of use to make resolutions and to take steps toward improving various aspects of our lives. The RevResponse team is still feeling that new year motivation. Are you? Don't worry, we aren't claiming to be self-help gurus. We aren't going to sell you a diet program or a quit-smoking drug. But, we are going to make a resolution to all of our partners this year that we hope will help you to improve one aspect of your lives: wealth.
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Pick’em Challenge Complete! And the Winners Are…

The football season is coming to an end, and so has our Fall Pick’em Challenge. We’ve had a handful of winners score prizes over the past months for making the most correct picks on a month-by-month basis. But, who picked most accurately overall? The grand prize winner is… DigitalDeals DigitalDeals will be rewarded with his choice of these grand prizes: Grand Prize - DigitalDeals Choice of:
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Thoughts and Reminders for 2010

As we approach not only a new year, but also a new decade, many of us will be making resolutions and challenging ourselves to succeed in new ways - both personally and professionally. With that in mind, the RevResponse team encourages you to make our partnership part of your plan for 2010. With a little determination and creativity within our network, we can make 2010 your most profitable year yet. As you plan out your strategy keep the following in mind: