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UPDATE: July Challenge: Earn $50 For Mentioning RevResponse

Update: The July Challenge will end at the end of day Thursday July, 31. If you've signed up for the challenge but have yet to email me your review, please make sure you do so by Thursday.

All of you who have submitted reviews that meet the specifications of the challenge will receive your reward in your August payment. In order to get paid, make sure that your account details in "my account" are up-to-date.

Thanks to all of you participating!

The Challenge...

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Tips for Generating Successful Conversions

The beauty of RevResponse is that we pay you for giving away free content to your site audience. The “catch” is that your audience has to qualify in order to receive the offers. This is why it’s important that you know your audience and promote magazines and downloads that are relevant to them.

This is also why when you look at the reports, you’ll sometimes see rejected subscriptions. We’ve a handful of questions about these rejects and so let’s shed some light…

Q: What is a normal reject rate?

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Channel Codes – a little more info


The RevResponse channel codes have been enhanced. For detailed information on channel codes, how they are tracked, and how to create links with channel codes, please visit this updated blog post:

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Congratulations to the ROCKFUSE Blog Contest Winners!

RevResponse would like to congratulate the winners of the $1600 Blog Contest on

The contest was held from June to July and included a variety of prizes for ROCKFUSE readers. RevResponse sponsored a portion of this contest and awarded $100 the one lucky winner. Congratulations!

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Don't Forget About Our Referral Program!

As many of you may be aware, Google AdSense shut down their referral program. Never fear -- we have every intention of keeping ours up and running!

That said, don't forget to take advantage of the great earning potential this program has for you.

By utilizing our referral link and bringing new publishers to RevResponse, you will be paid 20% of the earnings that your referral partners generate for the first 6 months of their partnership!

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Find Offers, Track Efforts, and Promote

On June 26th we released some new features that are sure to make some of you jump for joy. Many of you have been asking for these items and now they are here for you. Check out our new offer catalog, report by channel, and additional widget options.

Offer Catalog
Now, when you log in to RevResponse, you’ll see a feature in your “Primary Links” list called “Offer Catalog.”

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Payments Made

It's that time again -- pay day! Your April earnings have been paid. PayPal payments were made on the 13th and checks were sent the same day. If you haven't received your check yet, you should get it any day now.


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Extra Security (and Extra Cash) for Friday the 13th

On this superstitiously unlucky day, make sure you and your site audience are protected. Consider promoting one of these security white papers:

*As an added bonus we're going to increase your payout by 30% for any subscriptions you bring in for these offers between Friday, June 13 and Monday, June 16 -- how's that for unlucky?

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June Challenge: Top Your May Earnings for Extra Rewards

Now that so many of you have become acclimated to RevResponse and the best means to earn big bucks, we're challenging you to have your best month yet. In order to inspire you to work even harder promoting offers and generating subscriptions, we're going to give you a prize when you top last month's earnings.

Goal: Beat your May volume by 50 subs/leads or more.

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Congratulations to the Contest Winners!

RevResponse would like to congratulate the winners of the Contest.

The contest was held to celebrate the merger of Earners Forum and


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