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Partner Survey Released - Respond and Win!

Today, you should have received an email from RevResponse asking you to complete our partner survey. Please complete the survey in order to help us to make RevResponse even better. To thank you for your contribution, all partners who submit the survey are entered for a chance to win a $40 Amazon.com gift card. Ten winners will be randomly selected. Your feedback is vital to us. Your comments and recommendations will help us optimize RevResponse, and in return, help you make more money.
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1,000 Comments and Counting

Since launching RevResponse in April, we've been thrilled to see the partner community grow. In that time you all have been posting in the forums and on the blog and have helped us to make RevResponse into the program it is today. Your comments are what fuel our upgrades and feature releases. Last month the comment count hit 1,000!
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November Offers to Review

uid); $data = db_fetch_object($result); $brand = $data->brand; if(!$brand) { $brand = 'www'; } ?> Just like last month, we’ve selected a handful of offers and broken them down for you. Please use the information here to create a blog or newsletter post about one of these magazines or downloads. Like we’ve said so many times before, the best way to generate earnings with RevResponse is to promote an offer within the content of your site. Consider featuring one of these…
1. Info Security
Industries – Data Management, Information Technology, Security Geographic Availability – USA
  • Free quarterly magazine.
  • This publication focuses on the latest developments in the business, management and technology of information security
  • Read articles written by security experts and academic professionals covering topics including data security, spyware solutions, RFID, surveillance, and more.
  • Magazine includes the latest news, current research studies, edgy features, and relevant opinion pieces.
2. Vulnerability Management for Dummies Industries – Data Management, Finance, Information Technology, Internet, Insurance, Security Geographic Availability – International
  • Free eBook
  • This eBook explains why businesses need vulnerability management and shows you how to simply implement a successful program.
  • The book is constructed of five parts which explain the need for vulnerability management, the best practices for implementing a program, and the various solutions available.
  • A 10-point checklist to help businesses remove current vulnerabilities is included.
3. CFO Industries – Executive, Finance Geographic Availability – USA
  • Free monthly magazine.
  • CFO caters to high level finance professionals.
  • Editorial content include news and trends, financial analyses and case studies, original research and editorial opinions.
  • CFO aims to be reader-friendly and utilizes harts, graphs, tables, and original illustrations.
4. Engaging with the new eLearning

"; ?> Industries – Human Resources, Information Technology, Media Geographic Availability – US & Canada
  • PDF Download.
  • This paper focuses on 12 different strategies to implement in order to effectively teach via online courses.
  • Discover the valued of eLearning and how taking learning experience out of a classroom setting helps drive a message to more people.
  • Learn how to ensure that the lessons taught through the eLearning platform are being absorbed and implemented.
5. Total Telecom
"; ?> Industries – Internet, Telecommunications Geographic Eligibility - International
  • Free Monthly Magazine.
  • Biotechniques caters to professionals working the global communications industry.
  • Total Telecom’s editorial provides expert analysis on today’s telecom business and incorporates both fixed and mobile communications services.
  • Special features include viewpoints from executives across the telecom industry, special reports covering topics like service providers and VOIP, reporting of special events, and more.
*REMINDER: You can search all of our offers to find something relevant to your audience via the Offer Catalog. Use that tool to find the perfect fit for your visitors. As always, we welcome your feedback. Let us know if and when you mention these offers and how it affects your revenue.
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RevResponse Upgraded, Ad Wizard Revamped

Just a few minutes ago we launched a few new features here on RevResponse. We’re continuing to make improvements and release tools to help you make even more money with us. Here’s what we released today...

Ad Wizard Changes

Now, when you visit the Ad Wizard, you will see multiple tabs across the top.
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Remember to Take on the October Challenge to Earn 20% More

A few months ago we released our offer catalog as a tool to help you find the offers that will best resonate with your audience. Using this tool, you can sort through the TradePub catalog to find the magazines and downloads you want to highlight to your site visitors. This month, we are encouraging you to take advantage of this catalog and we’re going to reward you for doing just that.
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The Check's in the Mail -- or in Your PayPal Account

Yesterday we submitted payments to all partners who hit the minimum earnings requirement ($50) through the month of August. If you receive your earnings via PayPal it should show up in your account shortly. If you choose to be paid via check, it should arrive in your mailbox within a week or so (depending on your location). Keep up the hard work and don't forget, you can make your next earning check from us even bigger by taking on the October Challenge.
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October Offers to Review

If any of you have asked your account manager or any RevResponse staffer about the best way to promote an offer, you’ve surely been told that featuring a specific publication or download within the content of your site is likely to perform the best. For that reason, I’d like to make it even easier to for you to review certain offers for your site visitors. Here you will find a handful of offers, the industry they relate to, and key points worth mentioning when you highlight this to your audience.
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Stay Informed - Subscribe for Alerts!

At RevResponse, we're proud of the fact that we maintain this blog and the forums in order to be as transparent as possible when it comes to how our program works and what is new and exciting. The beauty of these areas of our site is that we have the ability to communicate with you on a large scale. We can let you know when payouts are increased on special offers, when we've cut checks to all of you earners, and you can talk back and ask for specific features that you'd like to see.
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Pay Day

We have mailed your earning checks and submitted your PayPal payments for the month of July. If you hit the $50 minimum as of July, you'll be getting your payment from us within a few days.
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Making RevResponse More User-Friendly

Notice anything different about the RevResponse Lobby? You'll now see a welcome message directing new partners, and you old-timers looking for a refresher, to a few good places to get started with our program. Additionally, we've added a new module to the left-side of the site offering direct and constant access to a handful of tutorials. The tutorials will walk you through how to best use our tools and promote our free offers with the goal of effectively monetizing your sites.