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February Contest Winners

A good handful of our RevResponse partners decided to take us on when we announced the 2008 Resolution for Higher Revenues Challenge.

I'd like to congratulate the winners of this contest:

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Getting Paid

Every month, around the 15th, I post a blog letting you know that your checks are on the way. But, there is some fine print you should know about.

1. If you haven't completed the payment information in the "my account" tab, we can't pay you.

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Money, money, money... MONEY

The revenue you earned in the month of December is on its way to your pocket. Checks were mailed on the 15th.


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Get Updates in Your Inbox

As you can see, we like to keep you informed via this blog, and answer your questions via the forum. But, we do realize that you are busy people and may not sign in to RevResponse as often as we update. If you want to keep on top of the changes we're making, the contests we're running, and answers we're providing without having to check the site daily, here's what to do -- Subscribe for email notifications.

Here's how to get yourself signed up for email alerts when any/all threads are updated:

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RevResponse in the News

We're in the process of rolling out RevResponse to the general public which will increase our partner numbers and, in-turn, give us more leverage for even more offers, incentives and contests for you.

We're excited about the rollout and wanted to share the latest press coverage with you: to Increase Online Publisher Base, Makes Available 5,000 Invites

Let us know what you think!

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Referrals = Free Money

Do you want to know a trick for earning even more revenue with RevResponse? I’ll tell you: do nothing. Sounds simple, right? It is! All you have to do is run a promotion on your site using one of the ad wizard modules and you’ll be setting yourself up for the potential to earn cash from someone else’s success.

What am I talking about? REFERRALS!

Here’s how it works:

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Happy Valentine's Day

Since we love each and every one of our partners, we figured today is the perfect day to express our love to you...

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Putting Faces to Names

No, I’m not narcissistic. Despite the fact that my face is running down the side of the screen right now, it’s not in an effort for fame. It is just another RevResponse feature to let you know that we (the NetLine Team) are real, are here, and are ready to help you in any way possible.

In addition, you can bring your personality to these pages by uploading your photo.

Here’s how you can personalize your RevResponse presence:

Step #1:

Step #2:

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A Little Delay

UPDATE #2 (2:20 EST 02/04/08): The RevResponse reports are continuing to run correctly; but, we want to let you know about the error and its fix. Previously, the reports were being processed and updated at approximately 8am EST. At that time our database runs a number of other tasks. It was being overloaded and, therefore, processing earnings incorrectly. Now you will notice that the email reports arrive to you around 11am EST and the online reports update at that same time. While this information is coming a little later, it is accurate.

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Challenge: Resolution for Higher Revenues

2008 Resolution for Higher Revenues Challenge
Now that the start of the new year is a month behind us, and we’ve all taken care of our personal resolutions, it’s time to resolve to generate higher revenues this year. In an effort to help you kick-start that resolution, we’re challenging you to bring in extra earnings in the month of February. With RevResponse’s high payouts we know you’ll bring in cash, but with this challenge you can win some nifty prizes to boot!

Goal: Beat your January volume by 50 subs/leads or more.


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