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Survey Complete - Winners Announced

The RevResponse team thanks all of our partners who took the time to respond to the partner survey we announced last month. As part of our effort to gain feedback from you all about our program, we offered prizes to 10 randomly selected survey participants. The Amazon.com e-gift cards were issued yesterday and all winners should have received confirmation of their win at that time. The winners are... artspace blogfromscratch bripblap codebeach dealstop drwuby Hubsync onthemove smartbrief superwealthyaffiliate
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Upgrades: Choose Your Widget Offers and Review Your Payment History

Based on your requests and feedback we have added some new features to the RevResponse program. Some of you chimed in asking for control over the offers that are displayed within our widgets. Now you can do just that. Additionally, you’ve also asked for more insight into your payments from us. Now, you can see when payments were made and how much you can expect in the Payment Report.
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Payout Increased on Select Oracle Offers - Hurry to Promote!

In an effort to improve the circulation of some of our Oracle offers, we've increased the payout by 60% for qualified leads brought through the end of the month. There are only so many leads available and we’d love to have some vision into who’s going to run the offers -- Please send me an email or leave a comment here letting me know that you’re going to give them a whirl. You stand to earn some extra holiday cash if you have the audience for the following offers:
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December Offers to Review

uid); $data = db_fetch_object($result); $brand = $data->brand; if(!$brand) { $brand = 'www'; } ?> It is a new month and we have new offers to highlight for you. Once again, we’ve selected a handful of offers and broken them down for you. Please use the information here to create a blog or newsletter post about one of these magazines or downloads. It’s not uncommon for partners who promote our offers in a conversational manner to see an increase in earnings of more than 70% over what they’d normally generate via simply running banners and/or widgets. Consider featuring one of these...

1. T&E Expense Management: Using Data to Drive Performance

Industries – Data Management, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Meetings & Travel, Software Geographic Availability – Selected European Countries

  • Free PDF download.
  • This publication focuses on making the most of business travel expenses.
  • Learn how to control travel and entertainment costs within your business and how to make the most out of the travel expenses your business does incur.
  • Discover how using certain technologies and strategies can improve corporate travel and entertainment plans and costs.
2. Recycling Today

Industries – Industrial & Manufacturing, Mechanical & Machine, Utility & Energy Geographic Availability – USA & International
  • Free monthly magazine.
  • This publication focuses on the business of recycling.
  • Featured topics include: legislative and regulatory issues, technical information, management of recycling processes.
  • The news and features within the publication are aimed at dealers, processors, material recovery facilities, and consultants and engineers who design recycling systems.
3. Maximizing Site Visitor Trust Using Extended Validation SSL

Industries – Government, Information Technology, Software, Internet Geographic Availability – USA
  • Free PDF download.
  • This paper explains the value of integrating SSL into your site in order to build trust with your customers and site audience.
  • The focus of the download discusses the current trend of businesses losing the trust of their clients and the value that gaining that trust can have.
  • Learn about Extended Validation SSL Certificates as a means to gain the trust of your customers in this volatile market.
4. Managing Automation

Industries – Automotive, Executive, Industrial & Manufacturing Geographic Availability – USA
  • Free monthly magazine.
  • This publication focuses on the key issues of manufacturing technology.
  • Topics included in this publication include: e-business, ERP, supply chain management, supply chain execution, controls, robotics, plant floor software, product development, the latest developments in production processes, logistics and warehousing, and more.
  • Learn about current market trends and conditions as well as the technological advances being made in the industry.
5. When Content Is King
"; ?>
Industries – Internet, Multimedia, Telecommunications Geographic Eligibility - USA & Some International
  • Free PDF download.
  • This paper focuses on the growing demand for streaming video, live Webcasts, and other high-quality content.
  • Learn about today’s consumer expectations and how to meet those expectations with your own advanced content.
  • Discover why some companies are turning to content delivery networks in order to meet their consumer expectations and provide the high-level content they expect.
*REMINDER: You can search all of our offers to find something relevant to your audience via the Offer Catalog. Use that tool to find the perfect fit for your visitors. As always, we welcome your feedback. Let us know if and when you mention these offers and how it affects your revenue.
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Enhanced Category Pages

We recently made a few changes to TradePub.com and to your partner pages. In order to give your audience a more usable page and to help them easily find the offers they are looking for, we adjusted the category pages within TradePub.com. Here's how they are different:
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Payments Made

It's that time again -- pay day! Your September earnings have been paid. PayPal payments were made on the 14th and international checks were sent the same day. US-based partners were mailed their checks on the 17th. If you haven't received your check yet, you should get it any day now. Reminder: You must earn a minimum of $50 to receive payment. If you haven't hit the threshold, keep at it! You'll get your earnings soon. Feel free to ask for promotional advice to up your earning potential.
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Partner Survey Released - Respond and Win!

Today, you should have received an email from RevResponse asking you to complete our partner survey. Please complete the survey in order to help us to make RevResponse even better. To thank you for your contribution, all partners who submit the survey are entered for a chance to win a $40 Amazon.com gift card. Ten winners will be randomly selected. Your feedback is vital to us. Your comments and recommendations will help us optimize RevResponse, and in return, help you make more money.
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1,000 Comments and Counting

Since launching RevResponse in April, we've been thrilled to see the partner community grow. In that time you all have been posting in the forums and on the blog and have helped us to make RevResponse into the program it is today. Your comments are what fuel our upgrades and feature releases. Last month the comment count hit 1,000!
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November Offers to Review

uid); $data = db_fetch_object($result); $brand = $data->brand; if(!$brand) { $brand = 'www'; } ?> Just like last month, we’ve selected a handful of offers and broken them down for you. Please use the information here to create a blog or newsletter post about one of these magazines or downloads. Like we’ve said so many times before, the best way to generate earnings with RevResponse is to promote an offer within the content of your site. Consider featuring one of these…
1. Info Security
Industries – Data Management, Information Technology, Security Geographic Availability – USA
  • Free quarterly magazine.
  • This publication focuses on the latest developments in the business, management and technology of information security
  • Read articles written by security experts and academic professionals covering topics including data security, spyware solutions, RFID, surveillance, and more.
  • Magazine includes the latest news, current research studies, edgy features, and relevant opinion pieces.
2. Vulnerability Management for Dummies Industries – Data Management, Finance, Information Technology, Internet, Insurance, Security Geographic Availability – International
  • Free eBook
  • This eBook explains why businesses need vulnerability management and shows you how to simply implement a successful program.
  • The book is constructed of five parts which explain the need for vulnerability management, the best practices for implementing a program, and the various solutions available.
  • A 10-point checklist to help businesses remove current vulnerabilities is included.
3. CFO Industries – Executive, Finance Geographic Availability – USA
  • Free monthly magazine.
  • CFO caters to high level finance professionals.
  • Editorial content include news and trends, financial analyses and case studies, original research and editorial opinions.
  • CFO aims to be reader-friendly and utilizes harts, graphs, tables, and original illustrations.
4. Engaging with the new eLearning

"; ?> Industries – Human Resources, Information Technology, Media Geographic Availability – US & Canada
  • PDF Download.
  • This paper focuses on 12 different strategies to implement in order to effectively teach via online courses.
  • Discover the valued of eLearning and how taking learning experience out of a classroom setting helps drive a message to more people.
  • Learn how to ensure that the lessons taught through the eLearning platform are being absorbed and implemented.
5. Total Telecom
"; ?> Industries – Internet, Telecommunications Geographic Eligibility - International
  • Free Monthly Magazine.
  • Biotechniques caters to professionals working the global communications industry.
  • Total Telecom’s editorial provides expert analysis on today’s telecom business and incorporates both fixed and mobile communications services.
  • Special features include viewpoints from executives across the telecom industry, special reports covering topics like service providers and VOIP, reporting of special events, and more.
*REMINDER: You can search all of our offers to find something relevant to your audience via the Offer Catalog. Use that tool to find the perfect fit for your visitors. As always, we welcome your feedback. Let us know if and when you mention these offers and how it affects your revenue.
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RevResponse Upgraded, Ad Wizard Revamped

Just a few minutes ago we launched a few new features here on RevResponse. We’re continuing to make improvements and release tools to help you make even more money with us. Here’s what we released today...

Ad Wizard Changes

Now, when you visit the Ad Wizard, you will see multiple tabs across the top.