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Challenge Update: New Offers & Partner Tips

Partner Challenge

Get your trigger fingers ready! We have hot new offers for week 3 of the Partner Challenge.

Partner Challenge

Get instant access to daily tips, hot offers, and industry stats, follow: @RevResponse #ExceedYourLeads.

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2014 Partner Challenge Starts Now!

Partner Challenge

The 2014 RevResponse #ExceedYourLeads Partner Challenge Begins Now!

All Partners will be receiving an email from RevResponse detailing their unique goal and prize. The Challenge will run the month of November. Goals have been created for each Partner based upon average monthly earnings this year.

The great news: EVERYONE CAN WIN the #ExceedYourLeads Challenge!

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Happy Halloween!


We hope you are having half as much fun as we are. Happy Halloween, Happy Friday, and Happy (almost) Weekend! #Rev-O-ween

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2014 Partner Challenge is Right Around the Corner...

You tell us what the prizes should be!

'Tis the season for a Partner challenge! The RevResponse Team is excited to announce our RevResponse #ExceedYourLeads Partner Challenge is right around the corner.

The challenge is an exciting time to introduce new offers, try new tools, and strive for new earning levels – plus get REWARDED! More details will the meantime tell us what prizes you want to compete for this year! (up to $1,000 value)

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Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags

Social Sharing with Open Graph

Social Sharing to the Next Level!

LIVE: Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags

First of all, if you are not currently using social media to reach your readers, you are missing out! Secondly, RevResponse just took social shares and posts to the next level with the release of Open Graph and Twitter Card tags.

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Major Announcement: Responsive Forms Released

New Responsive Connect Form

To kick off October and Q4 with a bang, the RevResponse Team has a major announcement...

Responsive Design Now LIVE
on All Request Forms

The platform technology has been updated and released across the entire RevResponse Partner Network featuring new mobile-friendly request forms utilizing responsive design.

This release is projected to significantly decrease request form abandonment and increase request conversion rates, which correlates to INCREASED REVENUE for You!

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NetLine Offers Premier Lead Generation Platform to Partners

NetLine Corporation


NetLine Offers Premier Lead Generation Platform to Partners

For the first time NetLine is empowering our RevResponse Partners to run their own lead generation services with the world class platform, LeadFlow, developed by NetLine. Our goal is to accelerate RevResponse Partners' success by arming them with the most advanced lead generation platform on the market. So we ask you...
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5 Unique Tips for Monetizing Your B2B Audience

UnTap Opportunities

The beauty of being a B2B Publisher is the volume of untapped opportunities. Whether you are a blogger, site owner, Twitter maven or Linkedin guru – across all industries – here are 5 unique tips to start tapping into new revenue streams with RevResponse.

1. 2x Results with RSS-to-Email Newsletters 2. Optimize Your Dead Zone 3. Get Social with Your Posting 4. Test, Test, Test! 5. Measure What Works for YOU! Get the details on tapping in with RevResponse...
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My Account Feature to Increase Brand Loyalty and Earnings

NEW Feature Released on Your Co-Branded Site!

Do you find yourself requesting valuable resources and reports, then getting pulled away on another project and forget to read or save them? Problem solved!

My Account Request History
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What Most Bloggers Haven’t Considered About RSS to Email

What Most Bloggers Haven't Considered About RSS to Email

RSS to Email - Monetization

I was reading an article this week about email marketing for bloggers, why everyone should be doing it, and the easiest tools to get started. It was a great article for beginners. However, whether you are a beginner blogger or a seasoned extraordinaire, ALL bloggers should make room for one more feature on their website and in their wallet - monetization.