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Our Top Tools, Offers & Partners of 2011

As we get ready for 2012, we took a step back to reflect on the previous years' wins within our network and you, our wonderful partners. Below you'll find a summary of the top performing tools, offers and partners (redacted of course) with snippets of useful information that you can capitalize on this year.

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Happy Holidays from the RevResponse Team

Click on the envelope below to view our Holiday greeting!
We send our best wishes for a prosperous 2012! -The RevResponse Team (Dave, Dan, Laurie, Nell & Yasmine)
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End 2011 with a Four-Figure Check Using These Ideas

It’s already December! A little hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s time to pull out your decorations, adorn your house and prepare to see family and friends. December is also one of the best times to be a publisher. We put together five ideas on how you can take advantage of the Holidays to earn supplemental income to end the year. We even provided a time estimate on how long each idea would take to implement for extra encouragement. All of them are 30 minutes or less!
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You + RevResponse

Happy Valentine's Day!

We couldn't think of a better way to show our appreciation then to create a visual representation on how we've grown together last year. How have you evolved? How have we improved? The interactive infographic below provides the highlights. Take a look to gain more insights into how our partners performed collectively, where they reside, what tools they use and more. We also dive into the number and type of leads generated, as well as some of the campaigns you've participated in.