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BlogNotions logo Last month, we sent a teaser post about BlogNotions to tell you what it is and when it's launching. We're excited to announce it's here! Sign up now to earn $10 per post mailed in our newsletters. For those just tuning in, BlogNotions is a content distribution platform that compiles the latest buzz in the blogosphere from industry leaders. It covers mostly every vertical in the B2B space – from technology, career, business, and marketing – and our newsletters are received by over 2 million site visitors & email subscribers every month. With the program, partners like you have the opportunity to build thought leadership, expand your audience reach, and increase your revenue. All from your existing posts. That means we don't require bloggers to write for us, but simply to syndicate the blog posts they've already written. Are you a good fit for BlogNotions? These 3 requirements must be met to be approved:
  1. The site must be a blog with an RSS feed (it is a blogger network after all)
  2. Contributors must showcase expertise in the topic
  3. The copy must be well-written and timely
The compensation and payment process are pretty simple. Every blog post emailed in our newsletter will earn you $10 in revenue. It will be bundled in with your other commissions and you'll be paid on the 15th of the month once you reach $50 in your account (net 45 days as always). Ready to go? Apply now at Read the full press release about this new service at PR Newswire. Questions? Leave a comment below and we'll get back to you right away!
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pawan2002's picture

We can apply for How many website of ours ?

yasmine's picture

Pawan, you can apply with one unique blog per category. E.g. one blog can't be in Social Media and Marketers but you can apply with a separate IT blog and a Security blog.

shahhitesh10's picture

I am confused what it means?

yasmine's picture

This is a new program that helps existing RevResponse bloggers earn additional revenue by basically mailing their latest blog posts. For every post we email, the blogger earns $10. If you'd like additional information or if you want to jump on a phone call for clarification, please email me at yasmine at netline dot com.

algui91's picture

Is there a problem if the blog is in spanish? I've just apply to the program. There is a checkbox that says if you want your post to be collected automatically or manually. What this mean?


yasmine's picture

Hi Alejandro, we can only accept English blogs at the moment. We'll reach out once we branch into other languages.

As far as the checkbox, we're going to create a WordPress blog for you if accepted. It's asking if you'd like to manually enter each new post you launch on your blog or if you'd like us to use your RSS feed to grab it instantly. The automated option is ideal as it's the easiest way to get the content but we have the option for those that would like more control.

chrisfebian's picture

when will BlogNotions support Indonesian language? I'll be definitely join ;)

David's picture

@chrisfebian - We're still exclusively focused on English written content at this point. We'll keep your request on file shall we expand beyond. Thanks for the continued support and interest.

alzack's picture

I have join for quite some time. I just wonder if I can use blog for this new program?


David's picture

@alzack: Yes, we're not making approval decisions based on the blogging platform you choose. That said, your blog will still need to meet the criteria required to be enrolled into the BlogNotions program. Someone will be in touch shortly once your application has been reviewed.

Thanks for reaching out. Let us know if you need anything else.