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Is a country dropdown box on the way for the Ad Wizard? Would be a really useful addition to the tool.
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Hi Series7. We are currently designing a new tool for the Ad Wizard where you will be able to select specific offers to integrate into some of the modules. In those instances you can select offers from the offer catalog based on their country eligibility.

The Ad Wizard as it exists now does geo-target for you. When you select the industry and type of content, etc and then place the widget on your site, those modules read the IP address of your audience member. If someone from India comes to your site, the widget will display only internationally available offers. It geo-targets for you and for each of your site visitors.

I hope this helps.

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And feel this would be good. I wish I knew more to with your service as I have many ads out but the response is not what expected. What can I do to add to my campaigns, maybe a newsletter format squeeze page with an AR sign up? Any suggestion would be helpful.

Laurie Brandt

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Hi Laurie,

The "AR" auto-responder tactic definitely performs very well for our partners.

If you would like some suggestions as to how to properly message such a promotion, you can send over the URL to your newsletter sign-up page and we'll be happy to review it for you.

I am going to have your account manager contact you to help you with promotions. Perhaps working one-on-one with someone can help you with specific ideas to generate more earnings.