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Hi All, I had a quick question. I setup a google analytics account specifically for my affiliate site at themoneykings.tradepub.com It works well and is tracking the visitors on the pages that contain the look and feel of my shell. However, the actual signup form in which the URL usually ends in prgm.cgi is not in my shell at all, and thus I don't seem to be able to track who is getting to those pages at all. I'd like to setup the user accessing that page as a "conversion goal". Has anyone done anything like this? If not, perhaps I can suggest an addition to the service so that through this admin interface I can input my google analytics ID, and somehow when the signup form is generated it would include the google analytics code in it then with my ID so I can see who is getting to the signup form. The reason being is I'm experimenting with google adwords and such and just trying to see if specific adwords purchased actually results in a conversion. I' also open to other input from anyone out there on better ways of doing this. Thanks!
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Tim, you made my life easy by solving your own problems!

Let us know what you discover.