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I post my newsletter near the end of each month. This month I opted to advertise a few offers that go together. That way, rather than getting just one, perhaps I'd get two or three. That proved true and was doing quite well until a couple days ago when suddenly the daily commissions went to zero. After checking out the problem, I found that the majority of the offers had ceased. The chances are now that many of my readers who may just now be getting to the newsletter are clicking on links that say, "Sorry..." If you are going to kill offers in the middle of the month, it would really help if you'd let us know when they are expected to end. That way folks can plan their marketing without having to guess if the offer will be good or not. With the traffic I was getting before these offers died, I can guarantee you that a few of my readers clicked on expired offers. Chances are, next month...they won't bother. How about sending out a schedule (or posting it on the affiliate page) letting us know the time line. I lost potential income because of this.
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Hello to both of you. Thank you for your input. We are currently looking into a method of alerting partners when offers expire. It is on our list of future enhancements and we will be releasing it in the coming months. It will most likely be an email system that you can subscribe to. Stay tuned...

As for including expiration dates in the offer catalog, unfortunately that isn't possible. Offers don't expire on specific dates. The clients who offer these magazines and downloads for you to promote, only have a certain number to give away. Once our partners have generated that many subscriptions those offers expire. Depending on how many partners we have promoting a given offer, the offer will be available for a different time frame.

We appreciate your feedback and do take your suggestions and concerns seriously. I'll let you know as this expiration notification becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our system.

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perhaps you could make it so the magazine cover image displays a red X when an offer has expired? seems it would be the easiest way to alert the publisher and a site visitor.

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Thank you both for your suggestions. This is definitely on our radar. Stay tuned. We'll have something for you in the near future.

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I don't need to know how long something will run. I need to find the most recent expired offers. All you would need to do is arrange the expired offers that you currently list, in date order from most recent to oldest, and allow that as an option.

That would do find for the moment. Then each day I can drop in, check out if anything has expired the day before, and be pretty good.

After the fact is fine.