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Someone please suggest me some ideas on how i can get revenue and traffic. Its been a month since I added tp catalog. But still no revenue. Not a single cent.
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We're more than happy to help suggest some ideas for promoting our offers and driving revenue. I know your account manager, Laurie, has been in touch with some suggestions. She'll follow-up with you again to give you even more specific ideas. Your account manager is a great resource when it comes to catering promotions specific to your audience.

A couple of ideas that are most successful for other partners include:
1. Do you have a log-in page or any page where your audience submits their information to join your site?

If you operate a site that requires visitors to sign-up for your newsletter, for other offers, for alerts, etc., you can maximize that action. When a visitor registers within your site, you most likely send them to a “thank you” page where you give gratitude for their signing up. We recommend taking advantage of that captive audience. Try including a message with an offer promotion:

Thank you for registering/signing up. As part of your membership with us, we’d like to offer you the following free magazine subscription (or download).

If you want to target your audience that has already registered, try adding an offer to the login page in addition to the thank you page.

2. Do you publish an e-newsletter? Or do you have an opt-in mailing list of your audience?

If you’re already in the habit of sending a newsletter to your audience, including an offer that is relevant to your readers will provide value to your subscribers and increase your revenue and with minimal effort. Pick a specific download/magazine/white paper and feature it in that mailing. Then watch your earnings grow!

Laurie will be in touch to help you further.

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suggestions for me are:
1. social networking sites, usually they allow 1 url in their profile, good to add your tradepub url on it.
2. blogging
3. twitter marketing, the only social microblogging sites that allows you to promote your business and personal freelancing projects.

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good suggestions .. lol fooling customers .. keep them coming

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What do you mean when you say "fooling customers"? None of these suggestions are deceptive. All of our most profitable partners promote our offers in high visibility areas and cater specifically to their audience.

"Fooling customers" would be against our terms and conditions.

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co-registrations and newsletters/ezines are not new ways of promotion on the internet, it already started on the 90's speaking of newsletters.

in the first place you got registrations/signups since people WANT to be in them and want the accounts you give, i for examples, give free email and alongside it i also offer co-registration to other sites.

newsletter they are subscribers because they want what you write and you update them regularly, it's not a big thing to include free magazines since you have the right channel of promoting it to them.