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Can someone please tell me how to add the other blogs I own and publish and where I would list them and classify their category. The first one on the list is the only one I see when I go to create widgets http://tldnames.blogspot.com - listed --------------------------------------- http://tourvod.blogspot.com http://nyreos.blogspot.com http://spyvod.blogspot.com http://nyesco.blogspot.com http://pronailart.blogspot.com --------------------------------------- Thanks in advance for your help. A. Brennan
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I’ve created the additional partner pages and shortly you will be able to choose from them within our RevResponse tools. You will receive an email from me momentarily with the URLs to those new partner pages.

I did not set you up with an additional site for your pronailart site. I couldn’t determine how this is relevant to the B2B offers we have. Feel free to let me know what you’d planned to promote there and I can set you up with a site for that blog as well.

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Dear Karen. I see that you approve other member that need another partner page to promote. Can I also have other partner page beside the one I have now please??? I'll use it in Blog Majalah Gratis and Majalah Gratisan. I targeted visitor from Indonesia for that blog. If it possible, I want majalahgratis.tradepub.com.

I also have other new domain that I'll used to maximize my revenue on revresponse program. If it possible, may I also have new partner page for all of the domain below:
http://financemagazines.info -> finance.tradepub.com
http://itmagazines.info -> it.tradepub.com
http://engineeringmagazines.info -> engineering.tradepub.com
http://multimediamagazines.info -> multimedia.tradepub.com
http://computersmagazines.info -> computers.tradepub.com

Waiting for your response,

Best regards.

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Hi Adiska,
Unfortunately, I cannot setup partner pages with whatever domain you request. Our policy is to set up additional domains for partners who can prove ownership of the domain name they are requesting.

For example, I could set up an additional partner page for your Blog Majalah Gratis because I can see you own it based on the RevResponse offers you currently have listed on that site. I cannot give you the majalagratis domain you asked for because you don't own that site. What I could do, is set you up with majalahgratis-adiksi.tradepub.com if you'd like.

As for the other sites you listed, I need you to prove ownership of those sites and I'd have to set you up with partner URLs matching those domains (i.e. financemagazines-info.tradepub.com).

Let me know how you'd like to proceed.

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Ok Karen thanks for your response. Lets forget about the majalah gratis :D As I already check that all good keyword related with "majalah gratis" for partner page already owned by other members.

For all of the domain that ended with .info, I owned it. I used whois guard for all of the domain. How should I prove it to you? But if the partner page you can provide is just like financemagazines-info.tradepub.com, then I think it's better for me forget the other partner page and just manage and increasing the popularity of my current partner page as now this page is PR1 :)

Once again, thanks for the support Karen

Best regards,

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Hi Adiska,
In order for me to set up additional partner pages for you with the .info sites you mentioned they would all have the "-info" as part of your partner URL. You are more than welcome to promote on those pages with the partner URL you already have.

If you decide you'd like me to set up the "-info" URLs for you, let me know. You can prove ownership of those sites by adding RevResponse promotions to them with your current link. If I see those on your site, I'll know you own it and can provide additional partner pages.

Let me know how you'd like to proceed.

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I'd like to have dreamwhisperdomains.com set up. Thanks!

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Dear Karen, after thinking for a night, I think I want to set up another partner page. Please set up partner page for http://financemagazines.info and http://computersmagazines.info as only that two domain I manage yet. The other is still under development. you can see that my current partner page is already exist there.

Thanks before and God bless

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I just realize that all partner page related to "majalah gratis" keyword is already used by other member. I late to know about it.

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Thank you so much for creating our additional partner pages so promptly and also for your reply to my phone inquiry. By taking the time to explain your program to me in detail means a great deal to me as a businessman. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship with your organization and feel fortunate to have you as our communication manager. Thank you again for your help with all of our questions and needs.


Brad Christopher
Alyssa Prince International, Inc.