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i have a blog . I want a co-branded site for it. What to do?
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Hi Arunrev,

We currently have an active partner within the RevResponse program whose account is setup with Did you recently purchase this domain from the previous owner? Can you explain the situation?

On a related note, for any site you have within the RevResponse program, you can co-brand your TradePub pages using the Co-branded Site Wizard.

Please let me know the situation with and I'll be happy to help you co-brand the site if we can transfer it to your account.

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Recently i overtook this site from my friend. So now i am owner of this site. What to do to get a co-branded site of

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I will follow-up with you via email to go through the steps. I'll need you to verify ownership of that site. Then I'll need to transfer it over into your account. Currently it is in an account owned by another partner.

I'll be in touch.