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I am using RevResponse in my Blog and also sometimes email about the free subscription. But til now i have only got $1.5 Can you look at my blog and give some more ideas to promote And can i use my code for my other site with same account.
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Hi Pawan,
Yes, you can use your partner URL to promote on any site that you own or operate. Let me know what that site is and I'll be happy to make some recommendations for promoting there.

As for your current site, here are a few ideas:
1. The two offers you are promoting in the right column of your site are currently expired. Why don't you try using one of the modules from the Ad Wizard to create something for this space. That way, the offers will dynamically rotate and rarely show offers to your audience that aren't available.
2. Add a tab to the top of your site alongside the other tabs your currently have. This new tab would say "Free Business Magazines" and would link to your co-branded site.
3. You said you are sometimes emailing about the free subscriptions. Can you email me a copy of what you typically send? I'd be happy to help you to improve the effectiveness; but, I need to see what you are sending now. Also, where do you get your subscribers for that mailing?

I am more than happy to help you improve your earnings. Give these a try and we can move forward from there. You can always reach me by email as well (

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Thanks i will send you that mail and i send that mail to my contacts only.
I have updated my code and also added a tab at

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Hi Pawan,

Your forum looks great and adding our resources to the header navigation is excellent as well. That said, the navigation is not very noticeable. You may want to enlarge the font or add some type of frame around your navigation. As it is now, it almost looks to be part of the Google Ad you have placed there.

Additionally, I don't see a new tab on your blog site. Were you going to add a "Free Engineering Book" tab there as well? The more visibility the better!

Thank you for forwarding your email to me. I did see it. How many people do you have on your mailing list? My recommendation for future emails that you send related to our offers, would be to give a little more information. People will be more likley to click your link if they trust you.

Something like "We at Final-YearProjects have partnered with to offer you free engineering magazines, white papers, and eBooks. These publications are entirely FREE to those who qualify. Today we are offering you a free subscription to..." and then include your message about Oracle Magazine or whichever offer you are promoting.

Let me know if this makes sense and/or if you need additional help.

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I have added a tab here see the link.