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Date: Tue 12/15/09 09:40 AM Hello William Nabaza, NetLine Corporation just sent you money with PayPal. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Payment details ----------------------------------- Amount: $63.61 USD Transaction Date: Dec 15, 2009 WOOT WOOT WOW A GREAT CHRISTmas gift to me. netline really rocks!!!
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Enjoy it! We're glad to have you as a partner. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Keep up the great work and happy holidays :)

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I still get no subscriber and leads from my blog: Free Classified Ads
any advice?

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Hi Kgphsuryo,

I see that you have started placing widgets on your site. That is a great first step. The placements look good as well.

Here are a few additional ideas:
1. I think you should try our referral program. Your audience is made up of users who are visiting your site to post free ads. It is very likely that those same people would be more interested in our program than they would be in our free offers. Try posting an entry every month or so about RevResponse and the opportunities we provide to Web publishers. Use your referral link.
2. Do you collect an email list from all users who are posting ads? I think you may want to start. If you generated an opted-in list, you can start emailing them with our free offers.
3. Right now, all of your promotions are in ad space. Try posting individual offers as entries in the context of your site. They will be more visible there.

Start with these ideas and let me know how you do.

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Hi Karen, thanks for the ideas. I will implement your ideas.

Can i place my referral link and all promotions on my other blog?
Should I register my other blog first?

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You can promote our program and/or our offers on any site that you own or operate with the partner URL we have assigned to you. If you would later like to add your other blog into your account, just let me know and I can do that as well.

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Great Buddy

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Congrat William, any advice for promote the offer? thx

majalah gratis | coringe | colsa | suminy

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i do it via newsletter, blog, forums, ebook/software, and twitter/facebook/social sites.
www.Nabaza.com www.Nabaza.net www.Nabaza.org www.Nabaza.name www.Nabaza.info