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Hello all, This weekend I was resurrecting my revresponse account and trying to use it to make a little extra money. I cooked up this site here over this past weekend which I'm hoping you can offer some suggestions to me on: http://freemagazine.ws/ Basically, I am using the XML feed, pulling the offers into my own local database daily, and using that to drive the content displayed on the pages. Its not much different from the co branded site wizard right now, but I hope to add more to the pages from an SEO perspective. My plan is to get another cobranded site setup in tradepub with this sites theme/style, do some SEO, buy some adwords traffic and see what happens. Notice on the left hand side there is a little facebook connect integration widget. I'm hoping that will add a an extra channel for marketing new offers once I build a small fan base. One known issue is when the user signs up for a magazine, it goes to my cobranded site. Is there any way to direct them back to my own site? Also, Karen, can you email me the XML integration guides? I've built what I have by browsing these forums, but I want to do a final check to make sure I built everything according to the latest and greatest documentation you have. If you all have any other ideas for my site please let me know! My next steps when time permits is to improve the searching and related offers features to help drive repeat customers. Thanks! Tim Archer
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Hi Tim,

Your new site looks great. The XML integration is seamless. I am impressed.

I know you are working closely with Dan, and he has answered most of your questions. We don't have much in the way of an XML integration guide. The information you have found in these forums regarding XML is the same information I could provide to you via email. The only thing you need to remember is that the catalog is refreshed daily at 1 AM (PST). There are daily updates to the catalog — adds, drops, and form changes — so it is important that you update your copy of the catalog on a regular basis (preferably daily; no less than weekly) to ensure that your list of pubs is always current.

As for directing your users back to your own site after they subscribe, co-branding your partner page will serve as the best way to handle this. Dan is having freemagazine-ws.tradepub.com customized now so that it will match freemagazine.ws. Once those edits are completed, the offer thank you pages will match your site and the synced navigation will allow your users to seamlessly return to your site.