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I have spent 100$ on Google Adwords trying to make money with the Tradepub affiliate program but I got nothing! I used keywords like free magazines, free ebooks, magazine subscriptions, cheap magazine subscriptions, online magazines etc. Also I used the filter for countries and my ads was shown only to US and UK users. So, what is wrong? Any advice?
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Hi Clyde,

Unfortunately, we have found that paid search does not perform well for our partners. We have tons of great ideas and ways for our partners to promote our offers to their audiences and those are the ideas we are blogging about on a regular basis.

If we found a way to make paid search profitable for our partners we'd be the first to tell you how to make it work. But, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to benefit you or us.

We encourage our partners to try a variety of promotional tactics in order to generate earnings and subscriptions. If you'd like some ideas, just let me know and I'll be happy to make some suggestions.

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Hey clyde2,

PPC direct to offers may not be the case here, you need to acquire your customers first, lets say using an email list and them start the pre-selling process.
Although i'm new at revresponse, I've done similar things using this and other "customer acquisition" strategies that do just wonders...
Hope it helps !

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OK, any ideas?

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so far i have only spent about U.S.
$8.75 to advertise it on get paid to read emails.
so far i haven't got any solid results.