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Amount received: $60.60 USD Fee amount: $0.00 USD Net amount: $60.60 USD Sent by: NetLine Corporation You guys are the best!!! more power!
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William - Keep up the great work and we'll keep sending payments. I'm glad to hear you are happy with the way things are going. Enjoy the cash.

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well you know im happy but not that happy, im happier with a bigger pay of course, i keep on doing what i doing and get more creative ideas from others as well.

i wish you helped us in posting places/urls where to post to get more positive results.

thanks and more power to netline

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Hi William,

We do our best to help you with your promotions. I know you get very creative with your promotions, and that's great, but the partners who consistently generate the highest earnings typically stick with the methods listed in the Make Money guide.

The best ways to generate successful conversions are listed in that PDF:
1. Sending relevant offers to your opted-in mailing list.
2. Including related resources in your regularly sent email newsletters.
3. Promoting specific offers within blog posts on your sites that most closely align with the industries for our offers.