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Is it possible that the start up guide you are giving itself be branded with referral url? The content there is itself detailed enough to promote to new referrals
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Hi gdlakshmi,

I want to clarify what you are asking before providing an answer.

Are you asking if we can insert your referral code into the Top 10 Ways to Make Money PDF so that you can promote it to your users and generate new partners via our referral program?

OR are you asking for us to add the PDF to the offer catalog so that you can promote it and generate subscription earnings?

If it is the former, we will look into it to see if there is a way to edit the PDF URL with a referral code for our partners dynamically. If it is the latter, the answer is no. Because it is an internal document, we don't earn anything from that PDF and therefore generate no revenue to share with you as we do with our other offers.

Let me know which you're looking for and I'll see what we can do.

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Hi Karen,

Sorry for being unclear. I was asking for a way to to refer new partners (via your referral program) from the PDF File. That is a visitor to my site downloads the PDF file (even if hosted elsewhere by me, without any editing of the original file) and clicks somewhere within the file and then joins revresponse site, I should get the credit for referring the partner.

Thanks for the positive response


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gdlakshmi - Thanks for the clarification. We think your idea is a great one and are happy to work with you to make it happen. We'll have to create a separate PDF for you with your referral code embedded so that it can track any referral you generate through that download. I am having that created for you now and will email the copy to you once it is done.

Check for it in your email within the next day or two.

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Hi Karen,

Is there any chance that you could organise to get a similar PDF made up for me with my referral code embedded in it? I think that is a fantastic idea. Let me know.

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Hi Gerri,

I just emailed you a copy of the PDF with your referral code embedded. Let me know if you don't receive it.

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can't help browsing this thread? may i have a copy too using my referral code: nabaza ? pls. advise.

also may i know if you don't mind what pdf software author you use? for me im using adobe indesign 2
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Hello Everyone,

Thank your comments regarding the Make Money Guide being a tool for referring new partners. You can now do just that by promoting the PDF with the URL below. Just be sure to include your referral ID within the URL.

So, if your partner site is, your referral link to the PDF would be:

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I think , Karen, it can be made a dynamic one for all the partners. It should work for everybody as one of the ways of referring partners and not only for the partner who specifically asks for it.


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Hi Karen

Instead of doing one brandable per member, why not use a program like viralpdf then all you do it create the pdf, use tags that the member would fill out e.g

YourName tag -8-YourName-8-
Your Referal ID -8-ReferalID-8-

Create the pdf, then all the members do is add their details to it and they get a fully branded pdf with their details on it and your content?


I might be missing the mark here completely but i like to minimise my work but get maximum from it.


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Hi James - Thanks for the idea regarding the PDF. We came up with a simple solution where all RevResponse partners can use the PDF and have their referral ID tracked by using a tracking URL to point users to the PDF. If you scroll down to the bottom of this this forum thread you'll see how.

That's our easy answer so all partners have the option to use the Make Money PDF as a tool to refer new partners and generate some referral income.

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Hi Karen,

I don't seem to have received the rebrandable PDF file.