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Edited! Honestly I should thank RevResponse! I got paid over $100 already since I started, this is the easiest way to make money online.. Imagine just giving something of value will already result in getting a lot of money into your hands! Best, Omar Diaz
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If anyone is making serious money at ANY affiliate program I'd b surprised. I've been with RevResponse since December '09. Haven't earned a check yet.

I've been with Google for several years now. I got one check about a year ago.

I average right around 2,000 unique visitors and 15K pages per month in a niche.

Look at it as found money, not retirement. That's not a complaint, just a fact.

Tom Mahoney, Director

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If you want to make good money in Affiliate and CPA marketing, do not relay on incoming traffic on your site. Instead reach to right prospects and promote heavily. Once you got something working, scale it.

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Hi OmarDiaz,
First, I'd like to congratulate you on landing a new job.

I understand from this post that you are looking for input from other partners, so I will only chime in briefly and let our partners do the majority of the responding.

As we discussed via email in the past while you were focusing on the offer promotions, having the right audience is the key. As you noted in our prior conversations, the ads you placed on the classified sites were likely targeted incorrectly. Unfortunately, placing classified ads doesn't often convert well and the results you have seen directly relate to that point.

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Offers listed in revresponse are for targeted audience and not for general public. So the amount of traffic doesn't matters. You must have quality(targeted) traffic to have a decent conversion rate.