fanarco's picture Hi everybody, When i created the code for newsletter every thing is going well exept the last step which is getting code I get the code and when i past that HTML code into yahoo mail and sent it to me as a test it delivered as a code also with no offers displayed (just the sent code) I also tried Microsoft Office Outlook and sent an email to myself with the same problem Is there any suggesion ??
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Hi Fanarco,

We have documentation about using the Email Ads tool which will help you to solve the problem:

In order to send an HTML mailing to a large email recipient list we recommend utilizing an email marketing service. In the case that you’re not currently using such a vendor, below are a few recommended email marketing service providers you may want to review. Many of them offer free trials.
Constant Contact

If you’d prefer to send the mailing on your own, here’s a simple trick for getting the HTML to display properly with Microsoft Outlook:
1. Copy and paste our final HTML code into Notepad.
2. Save the Notepad file with a .html extension.
3. Open the saved file in Explorer.
4. Select File -> Send -> Page By Email.
5. This will open the HTML file in outlook. Here you can import your contact list and create a subject line before mailing.

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I did your steps and when i clicked on Page by email it gave me a messege:

The current document type can not sent as mail, Would you like to send a Shortcut instead?

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Can you send me an email with the HTML output you have copied from the Email Ads tool? I will see if I can replicate the error message you are getting.

Send the HTML to

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I sent the email now