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Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the partner portal over the last week or so. We just tackled a few items on our RevResponse to do list and wanted to bring them to your attention. Detailed Payment Report We have added a bit more information to the payment reports. By clicking on the description within the payment report, you will see where you earned your money.
Within the detail report you will see what months’ earnings are included in your payment as well as how much of your payment came from each of your partner URLs and from your referral earnings.
Sortable Reports Now, when viewing your stats in any of the RevResponse reports, you can quickly sort your information by clicking on the column headers. We think it is most helpful in the Report by Offer. Now, with one click you can see which offers generate the most interest among your users.
We hope you find these changes helpful. FYI: We’re still plugging away at our list of portal enhancements. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months.
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this is all good, but however may i request that nabaza.tradepub.com supports also cname or A so we can point our domain(s) to it without using redirect.

is this something possible? i know i have requested this feature a long time ago.

even huge companies like blogger/blogspot/google and wordpress.com are offering their free members the privelege to take advantage of cname or A to do the domain linking, i think it's just practical for a similar huge company like netline/revresponse/tradepub to do the same for it's reseller/members for free.

thanks for the email and more power to you.

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