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it isn't displaying the offers with proper spacing, so all get scrunched up in the first half of the banner with the bottom left blank. I've just spent (that is, wasted) an hour of my time with this, picking offers, etc, only to find that no professional site could actually display this stuff. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but almost every time I try to get something done to use this the program, I hit errors and problems on your part -- small ones, but ones that cost me huge amounts of time relative to what I should be doing. Code doesn't always work. Color schemes and customization are a pain, statistics to gauge what kinds of offers work and don't are completely absent re: impressions and clicks. You guys know what I have made in the past, and what I make now. I'm sorry, but I hate leaving money on the table. Here's what it looks like on a completely clean page. I have no more help to offer since I no longer do beta testing for large companies for free. (OOO, I'm crabby)
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Hi Work911 - I had Chris look into this for you. He found that Chrome doesn't like a piece of the code in some of these widgets and is working to fix them as we speak.

In the meantime, he's happy to edit your widget for you so that it displays less scrunchy (technical term).

If you can send me the code you used or the offers you've chosen I can provide you with a new, evenly-spaced widget.

I apologize for any inconvenience and we'll fix it ASAP.

Separately, you mention the statistics issue again. Our CTO, Jay, emailed you a few weeks back to engage you in a discussion so that we can get you the tools you need. Did you receive his email?

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Thanks, Karen. Actually I don't recall receiving the message from Jay, so perhaps it could be resent, and I'll be on the lookout for it.

It also occurs to me that perhaps the easiest way to support statistics might be to help us use GAM/Doubleclick (google ad serving) to track by inserting a macro in the code.

I'm using work arounds for the 160 so I'll leave things as they are for now.

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Hi work911, I'm resending the message via email in a minute, please keep an eye out for it and we'll continue the dialog there. -- Jay Kalpathy, CTO, NetLine Corporation.