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Dear revresponse, I would like to ask about link at offer catalog. May i change of link at offer catalog from original to Thanks in advance
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The link provided by the offer catalog is a tracking link used for internal purposes. We'd prefer that you keep it the way it is so we can continue to optimize our program based on what works best for our partners.

With that being said, you can link directly to the offer as requested and still generate earnings for qualified subscriptions.

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I Just check my previous erning,, and what ? they have been gone.

I know, i'm not a potential published in the past but, it is very bad new for me, because i want to optimize with this program.


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We never removed earnings from our partners. It is possible that when looking at the report by time period, the date range and sorting options caused the problem you are seeing. If you are looking at earnings you made more than 90 days ago, you will need to sort by month as opposed to by day.

When viewing statistics by day, the data is only available for the past 90 days. This is an effort to keep the load time for the reports manageable.

Let me know if you have a more specific concern or if this resolves your issue.