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Karen - Are publishers able to view the pending subscribers details before they "approve" a particular subscription. How much are they able to view? This really concerns me because if they have access to their contact details they can simply reject the lead and yet still be able to followup with a "different" offer. In essence, they'll be getting leads for free. The tradepub affiliate program is a good one but it completely puts the publisher/vendor in a favorable position. This is why Google dropped its PPL (pay-per-lead) program in Adwords. I believe PPC would be a better option for TradePub affiliates. Don
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Hi IndustrialGuy,

This is a very fair question (and one we have been asked a few times in the past). Never fear! We established our program to protect our partners and ourselves from this concern.

The publisher of the offer determines the criteria at the time they decide to work with us, before any leads are ever collected. All qualification criteria is set-up in our system prior to a campaign ever going live. This thereby eliminates your concern.

If a user doesn't meet the pre-determined qualifying criteria, their information is not provided to the publisher, we are not paid for that user, and therefore we cannot pay you.

Simply put, if a subscriber does not meet their qualifying criteria it is logged as a reject for you and that information is never passed to the offer publisher.

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Thanks for the explanation.

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I was also having such concern. As i checked i have some leads that were rejected but dont know why, also Geographic location was also right. Can't you post reason of rejection.

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Hi Pawan,

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose specific qualification criteria for the offers. By publishing all of the qualification criteria, we would be opening our network to potential fraud and that would hurt our clients and our partners.

That said, I can tell you that many of our clients are looking for specific job titles. Your site targets students. Because of your large student audience, you are seeing a higher reject rate.