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Hello, I want to add www.FormulasExitosas.com to my account because is my main website right now and is a short domain making the subdomain more shorter. But I received more visit in my blog www.FormulasParaGanarDinero.com. I don´t know which site you would accept, please choose the better option to add to my co-branded site. Both site receive visits from entrepreneurs interested in marketing, SEO, Tech and many information about business. I think these sites are better than my actually site add with yours right now. I want to write a post in my blog and send it to my list of newsletter of Formulas Exitosas and try to get more leads but I don´t have a co-branded site compatible with the new strategies that I want to use. I hope you can help me. Best Regards.
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Hi Kandroschen,

We reviewed your sites and they both look like they will be a good fit for our network. You can promote us anyway you see fit: blog posts, text-links, newsletter mailings, banners, LinkedIn promotions etc. I will email you as soon as your co-branded sites are complete.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me at lsparango@netline.com with any questions.

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Thanks. I would wait.

Best Regards.XD

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Hi Laurie,

I want to add another site too. If it is possible.
It hasn't receive much traffic yet, just create it and still fine tuning it, but this one site is dedicated to promote NetLine's publications.

It is http://grabmore.info
It's already integrated into a dedicated twitter account, FB, LinkedIN, and other social network site.

So, could I?


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Hi tuanarmanto,

Below is a link to the co-branded site we created for you:


Good luck promoting!