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HI. I know that you guys do a great job to improve conversions. However, I have been receiving some feedback lately from people who "simply" cancelled their subscription process because they all say that way too many information is required. Latest comment I got in one of my promotions said: "This may be "free" and would be great, but you have to give your life history to get it, Pass!" in response to Google+ For Business Guide. Any suggestions to get this people to convert better. I don't have a problem with traffic and getting people to arrive the subscription form. The problem is when they quit right away or somewhere in the middle.
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Hi diTesco,

We agree and feel the same in that it would be great to see shorter forms to fill out. Sadly, clients want as much information as possible when they are paying for leads. With that said we made some enhancements the end of last year. The forms are cleaner, shorter and users can now sign-in using their TradePub.com account or via LinkedIn. Here’s more information on how we integrated LinkedIn.

We are continuously working with clients to see what can be done to shorten the forms. We’ll keep you posted!