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Hi, I started using RSS to Email tool after getting too much issues with Feedburner. Everything worked well and the new newsletter earned a few subscribers too though its long before it touches the number of Feedburner subscribers I have.. Now, I am having issues with RSS to Email, I received a notification from one of my subscriber that he is not receiving any newsletters. I went ahead to check what's wrong, so I previewed the newsletter again using RSS to Email. I received the following error: Error: Unrecognized RSS feed. Please use a valid RSS feed I validated my feed with FeedValidator The validator said that my feed is a valid feed. I don't understand why RSS to Email tool cannot recognize my feed when at first it was working fine. Please help. I am loosing subscribers... :(
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Hi cypherzero,

I passed along your message internally to our engineering team and they quickly noticed that you're doing something to block non-browser based requests so we can't get the feed programatically. You'll need to unblock the following:

GET ''

406 Not Acceptable

406 Not Acceptable

This request is not acceptable
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If we haven't already, let's talk about porting your FeedBurner names over to our system once we get this sorted out for you. It's super simple and would offer a centralized list vs. running a new and legacy version.


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Hi Dave,

Are the IPs, and associated with RevResponse?

I have checked my server logs and have found the following:

[client] mod_security: Access denied with code 406, [Rule: 'REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent' '!^apache.*perl'] [ID "990011"] [Msg "Request Indicates an automated program explored the site"] [severity "NOTICE"] [MatchedString "lwp-request/2.06"]

[client] mod_security: Access denied with code 406, [Rule: 'REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent' '!^apache.*perl'] [ID "990011"] [Msg "Request Indicates an automated program explored the site"] [severity "NOTICE"] [MatchedString "libwww-perl/5.805"]

Actually, if your automated program is using "lwp-request/2.06" or "libwww-perl/5.805" as user agent, then my servers mod_security will block those requests.

I don't understand why your automated program uses those user agents. Both of them are marked as abusive and have been blocked by mod_security.

If you simply perform a Google search about those user agents, you will understand what I am saying.

Update: GET requests are already allowed by my server.

# Denies any request not using GET,PROPFIND,POST,OPTIONS,PUT,HEAD
RewriteRule .* - [F,NS,L]

Anyways, I can manually whitelist your IPs, if you send me the IPs, in my server firewall to permit them access.

Regarding Feedburner porting, yes surely will like to talk about it after this has been sorted out. :)

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Just a quick note to say I'm following up via email.

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Thanks Yasmine. :)

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Thanks to both Dave and Yasmine, my problem is solved. Since all this started after Mod Security rules update, I am posting the solution for people facing similar problem.

I used the free "ConfigServer ModSecurity Control" CPanel plugin to edit "modsec2.whitelist.conf" file.

Since, I had already gone through the ModSecurity log files, I zeroed on the three IPs of RevResponse which were trying to fetch my RSS Feed but were getting blocked with HTTP 406 error.

In the modsec2.whitelist.conf file, I simply typed the following and saved it:

SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^$" noLog,allow
SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^$" noLog,allow
SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^$" noLog,allow

After Apache restarted, I found RSS to Email was fetching my RSS feed perfectly and everything was working. :)

P.S. I didn't removed the ModSecurity rule or disabled it because I found other malicious IPs trying to break in my website, and they all were getting blocked by the same rule.

So, I decided to only allow trusted IPs instead of switching off the rule completely and also allow the malicious users to break into my server.

I didn't understand why whitelisting the CIDR block of RevResponse wasn't working for me. As even the firewall was allowing, ModSecurity was still blocking until I whitelisted in the modsec2.whitelist.conf file.