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To date, I see no evidence that my previous Tradepub earnings are in my account. It's not a vast sum but was earned and promised at the time the firm converted to RevResponse. How would someone suggest contacting RevResponse about this? Jeff
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Hi Jeff - I'm checking with our accounting department to verify your pre-RevResponse earnings and payment history. We did promise that you'll be paid all of your TradePub earnings and we stand by that promise.

Once I get some insight from accounting, I'll let you know the exact status of your earning history and payment history. My one guess for why you've yet to be paid is that we have a minimum earning amount that you must hit before we issue a check. That minimum is $50. It is possible that you have yet to generate $50 in earnings and therefore we have yet to issue a check.

As soon as I get the information from accounting, I'll be in touch! Thanks for your patience.

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Yeah, I know about the money threshold and know I haven't hit it; but my account shows one click and nothing from yesteryear.

No rush.


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Hey Jeff - We have yet to import all legacy data for every partner in the network. While we're constantly backfilling the reports with historical data, not every report is 100% up to date for the TradePub earnings. I'm getting your data pulled and will be in touch shortly.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience.

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Hi Jeff,

I checked with our accountant about your past earnings and current earnings. It looks like you should receive a payment from us with your earnings through March in May.

Hope this helps!

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I have the same issue of Tradepub. Most of us don't enjoy being a pain in the neck -- but paying us the money that is already owed to us is not something to be gotten around to when you get around to it. It should be a priority to pay your old debts before incurring new ones. I asked that my earnings be sent when you closed tradepub well over 90 days ago, instead of allowing this to happen; but you didn't. Meanwhile you bumped the minimum from $25 to $50, forcing me to join a new program just to get paid what you already owed me from the old one. Thanks.

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Hi finishingdotcom – Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re being a pain in the neck. I understand your concerns and appreciate your comment. I want to try to explain how RevResponse works and hopefully it will ease your frustrations. If not, we’ll work with you until you’re happy.

You said that you asked for your earnings when tradepub “closed.” In reality, never closed…the partner program simply has been re-launched and branded as RevResponse. You also said we forced you to join a new program. I’m sorry you feel that we forced you into something. That was not our intention. In fact we opened up RevResponse, the new partner portal, in an effort to provide something great for all of our partners, not to force them into something they aren’t happy with. In reality, RevResponse is the next generation evolution of the old partner program. All of the links you were running via the old program are still valid and generating income. Now, you just have a new place to come find out about contests and promotions, and to check up on your earnings and ask questions. Even better, you can now start making 3x as much revenue per lead as before.

As for getting paid, we absolutely will pay you every cent you earn with us. We are not trying to fool you or keep any money from you. You mentioned that we bumped the minimum from $25 to $50. That is true, but the reason for that should excite you. You should be able to earn $50 from us now that we have higher payouts faster than you could ever earn $25 before. Previously you were getting paid a much lower compensation per subscription generated. Now, you’ll never get less than $1.50 for the exact same work.

I hope this explains why we’re excited about the new portal and revenue increases we’re offering. I will get your historical earnings data pulled and get that to you so that you’ll know exactly how much we owe you and what you need to bring in to get a check from us. I promise it will be easier now in RevResponse to bring in that minimum than it ever was before.

Please let me know if I can do anything else for you.

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Same problems- please reanalyze and update correctly.

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We'll review your account details and respond with a thorough update on Monday once our Accounting team is back in the office.

Please let us know if you need anything else.


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Hi coldfusion. We've looked into all of our past reports and I will be emailing you in a moment with dollar amount specifics about your historical earnings with TradePub and RevResponse.

I assume you found the ‘Report by Time Period’ report to be a little confusing in that it shows you have earned less with us than you actually have. If you look closely, you’ll see that all months prior to November 2007 are showing zeros for your earnings. That is due to a delay in the importing of all legacy partner payment information.

Check your email and I'll let you know what your actual earning total is with us.