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Yello, I see all these really cool co-branded pages and then I feel depressed that I dont have one of those :( I was promised by david ( i guess its david, see i even forgot the name coz im depressed ) .. the vice president.. or some huge position person that I will get this kewl co branded page by sunday.. this was last friday.. now i wonder if it was sunday, april 2008 or 2080 !! I want a kool co-branded page :| preety pweeez PS : I hope kiddish behaviour is tolerated in a professional setup like this.. i dont mind putting up a high profile management consultant face either.. but then it'd suck up all the fun. PPS : I really wish I had a cobranded page :P
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The last thing we want is a depressed partner! I'm not sure what happened with David's promise to you but it will be fulfilled. We're not politicians or used car salesmen here and we do follow-through on promises. I'll get you that co-branded page. I've asked our developer to try to get it out today and will let you know when it's been released.

I'm sorry you had to turn to kiddie-language in order to get this done. The "preety pweeez" definitely got me. =p

Thanks for your patience. Wishes do come true. I'll sprinkle a little fairy dust and work some magic. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the quick reply princess :)

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My fairy dust had super-powers today -- that or our developer is awesome...

Anyway, your really cool co-brand is done. Clear your cache and then go check it out! Let me know if you need anything edited.

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The co-branded page looks awesome.. look mom.. i got myself a revresponse fairy ...thanks karen ... :)

PS : Greetings to the *I code cobranded pages in 30 mins* Super developer.