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Well, the title says it all. I see several publications that I would like to have. Is it okay to subscribe to them using my own link? Thank you in advance, Tim ************************************************ If you're not living on the edge then you're taking up way too much space.
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If you want to subscribe to any of the offers, feel free. If you qualify for the magazine, you'll start getting the subscription and you'll earn revenue from that sub.

I must caution you, however, that you must sign up for offers that you legitimately are qualified for. Please do not attempt to boost your earnings by signing up for offers. We have filters in place to check for fraudulent subscriptions and we will terminate partnership with anyone who tries to "trick" the system to boost their subscriptions.

I'm glad to hear that we have offers for both you and your audience.

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With so many great publications to choose from, who wouldn't want one?

No, we don't want to trick anyone. I use to get some of these before, had to fill in the form and "mail" the subscription. This is much better.

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