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Hi! I wanted to ask where I can see how much referrals I have and how much I have earned for each of them? Thx.
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Currently we don't have a report that breaks down this information for you. In order to protect the confidentiality we have with all of our partners, we can't disclose to you which of your referred partners have brought in how much money for you. This would give you insight into their earnings from us, and that isn't our information to give out.

That said, we're working to at least include the number of referrals you have brought in to the current referral report. For now, the report will show you how much referral earnings you've generated in total from your all of your referred partners.

I just checked for you, and according to our records you've had 57 clicks on your referral links, 1 signup, and 1 partner accepted into the RevResponse program.

Let me know if you have other questions!

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BTW how much % from referral earnings we get?

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You get paid 20% of the earnings that your referral partners bring in for the first 6 months of their partnership. So keep bringing in those partners and the referral earnings can really add up.