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i tried so many times .. saving my template.. but it seems like it cant save or didn't.. save or sometimes works idk.. its messed up.. i save it via preview and then preview it.. it seems like it works..then i pressed go live.. .. and then i went to my own tradepub page.. . it did not change at all..i deleted my cookies and it is still the same.. it is weird.. are you guys upgrading today or something? ... because i spend like hours to get this work but for some reason it does not at all.. i give up now.. and usually i am pretty good with html and stuff.. but i think its you guys saving feature sometimes got problems or something.. please hurry up and fix it then contact me asap because i want to get this done.. Thanks Vince
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Thanks for trying out the site setup wizard. It's been working as far as we know but I've got our developers looking into this and will get you some feedback soon. Thanks for the note and for your patience.

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Would very much appreciate an update on when issues like this will be fixed.

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Hi firewind - thanks for the reminder on this. I've talked with our development team and they will be looking into this ASAP. I will have an update by the end of the week. As you know, the tool is in beta so your feedback is incredibly helpful. Thanks for your notes and your patience.

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Hello to both of you. Thank you for your patience as we looked into this issue. As you know, the setup wizard is still in BETA so your feedback is incredibly valuable.

At this time, the wizard is taking approximately 24 hours for changes to update to your live site. The changes you see in preview have been saved but won't transfer to the live URL for about 1 day. We cache data to get high performance from our servers and the caches can take 24 hours to refresh.

We will continue to work to expedite the cache cycle. But for now, know that the changes you make are saved when you click "save to preview." They will go live within 24 hours.