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I promote TradePubs.com magazines on 3 different sites: two recruitment blogs (www.mobilewirelessjobs.com & www.biotechpharmjobs.com) and one job board (www.njjobmarket.com) I now have 3 logins to RevResponse: pittmba2001 pittmba2001b pittmba2001c Can I combine them into one login for all 3 sites? Thanks -Rob Salerno
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Hey Rob,
I responded to you via email. I can request that we combine all of your accounts. If we do that, all of your payment information must match. That means, all of the revenue you generate across all of your accounts will be paid to the same company/person.

If this is OK with you, I'll proceed with combining the accounts. Please let me know and I'll move forward.


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Hi Rob - your accounts have been combined. I emailed you earlier today with the specifics. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi Karen,

I want to do what Rob did, only "before the fact." I have multiple web sites that cover different niches, and hence I want to target my magazine and downloads to different audiences.

Currently, I have only one login to RevResponse -- and only one site, money-hacks.com. I'd like to add computermonkeys.com to my list of sites.

Is this possible?


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That is a simple thing to do. Just email, Laurie (lsparango@netline.com) with the full URL of the site you want to add. Then we'll go ahead and create an additional co-branded URL for you to use to promote our offers.

Thanks for all of your promotions so far. Keep up the great work!

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Hi Rob,

I just wanted to say 'hello' and wish you well. It's great to see you leveraging the forum.