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UnTap Opportunities

The beauty of being a B2B Publisher is the volume of untapped opportunities. Whether you are a blogger, site owner, Twitter maven or Linkedin guru – across all industries – here are 5 unique tips to start tapping into new revenue streams with RevResponse.

1. 2x Results with RSS-to-Email Newsletters 2. Optimize Your Dead Zone 3. Get Social with Your Posting 4. Test, Test, Test! 5. Measure What Works for YOU! Get the details on tapping in with RevResponse...

1. 2x Results with RSS-to-Email Newsletters Powered by RevResponse

Looking for a double win today? Try implementing an RSS Newsletter for your site or blog – it’s easy with RevResponse! Not only will the newsletter increase repeat traffic to your site - it can also increase your earning potential by including free offers relevant to your audience.
The RevResponse All-in-One Toolkit can have your RSS Newsletter up and running within minutes, then add the Opt In Widget to grow your list!

2. Optimize Your Dead Zone - Increase Revenue Opportunities!

Do you have a registration confirmation page or thank you page? Did you know that you can add customized resources, in the layout of your choice, to these pages in a few simple steps? Then viola – monetized, high traffic pages that can boost your earnings next month.

3. Get Social with Your Posting

"37% of buyers said they spent more time using social media to research solutions" (+85% 2012) - according to DemandGen's The 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey.
    Pro Tip #1: Publishers, warm up your social accounts! Create profiles and connect with your audience across their social network of choice. Pro Tip #2: Develop a posting strategy that compliments your publishing schedule. Pro Tip #3: Add relevant free resources from the Offer Catalog to your posting strategy... this will build your content and potential earnings. Ps. Don't forget your #hashtags to expand your reach.

4. Test, Test, Test!
Have you taken the time to test what you're promoting, where and when? Well you should! You need to know what works for your audience, and what doesn't! There could be hundreds of untapped opportunities with your content, resource selection,'s endless. Here Are 3 Quick Testing Ideas to Get You Started:
  • What: Peruse the Offer Catalog. Try new resource topics and types for your audience. Test a broad topic all professionals could find useful, for example: building the best resume, guides to LinkedIn, stress management, job search strategies...Mix it up!
  • Where: Digital real estate is endless. Review the pages across your site or blog, newsletter templates, and social networks. Important Tip: you may find that separate strategies are best for each channel. If you're uncertain, reach out to your Account Manager and he or she will gladly go through a Site Audit for you.
  • When: Time of day and week could prove to be a very important variable in your posting strategy. Plus, frequency can have a significant impact on your retention and engagement!

5. Measure What Works for YOU!

Effective testing relies on your data and analysis.
  • Measure the performance of your RevResponse test plans with unique channel codes to track the earnings breakout each month.
  • Subscribe to RevResponse Progress Reports to easily monitor your campaigns.
RevResponse Partners and B2B Bloggers worldwide, we hope you find a quick win today and start tapping in!

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