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We can add the widgets on any site we want? Or we have to submit the sites to admin to approve first?
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Hi Clyde,
You can add the widgets and promotions to any site you own or operate. We do not have to approve the sites you post on as long as you are responsible for the site. If you post a widget or other promotion on a site that you do not own, the posting must comply with that site's terms and conditions.

Make sure that the promotions you are including on the various sites are relevant to the audience and then feel free to post.

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Hi Karen,
I'm new here so what's a widgets?
Charlotte V Nash

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Charlotte - a widget is just an ad module that presents our TradePub content to your audience. You can choose to use our java-based widgets or flash widgets. You can create them using the Promotion Wizard found here:

Here's an example of what you can make in the wizard: