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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thankful if we could add an "about us" page that is freely editable. My idea is, to reduce the amount of navigation elements within the magazine overview pages in favor of a single link to this "about us" page, where I would then be able to link all the topic-related external offers of mine. So best solution would be, if the "about us" page would allow me to use own html code. Best regards Reto
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Hi Reto,

I need more information about what you are requesting. Which page is it that you would like to be editable? It is likely that this solution is not possible at this time, but you may be able to leverage our XML catalog to create landing pages of your choice that you can edit as you see fit.

Please let me know exactly what is it you are looking to do and I'd be happy to suggest a solution.

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Just as an example:

Here the "About Us" page is integrated in the navigation bar (at the end). Whether I name this "about us" or "imprint" or "partner" does not matter, but just a single page where I can store my own html would be beneficial for the SEO optimization.

So, instead of presenting the full site navigation within your store (generating thousands of outgoing links), I prefer to have a central "about us" page, where I can present maybe 10 outgoing links.

I still have some other options... Yes, XML is also ok. But for an XML-based own website with magazine offers I would have to work too much...