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I just made this wideget (see below). It would be much more effective if instead of just the name of the magazine, for example, Forbes, it had a call to action tagline also. For example, get two free issues (of Forbes). this is VITAL since just showing a magazine cover w/ the title will not do it! people will think you're just offering the magazine subscription and nothing really enticing. this is critical since you have a lot of great free subscriptions!
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Babak - if you think a call to action will entice your audience to sign up for the offers more than our current widget design does, I think you should give it a try. The widgets we offer are designed as "Free Business Resources." They highlight certain offers with brief descriptions and our partners have been able to bring in a hefty number of subscriptions and leads with them.

That said, I'd be interested to hear how a specific call to action works for you. My suggestion is that you create a widget in the promotion tool that does not have our "Free Resources" header. Then you can add your own text above the widget that reads something like: "Choose any of the magazines below to receive a free subscription."

Here's how:
Create the widget size, color, offers, etc. as you would for your audience. Then, removed the header/footer graphic.

See the difference?

After you've created the widget to the specifics you'd like, grab the HTML and post it on your site. Use your own HTML style to create a header with your call to action that matches your site.

Once it's up and running, feel free to post a link here so we can check it out. Good luck and let me know if you have questions.

P.S. You can always create your own static offers that highlight one specific magazine. You could take the cover graphic of Forbes magazine and post it to your site with any description/call to action you choose.