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Ok, I am a new financial blogsite owner who in his real life has a financial newsletter that i publish for clients blah blah blah. basically, this is RevResponse site is a great way to act as an intermediary between the consumer and permission marketers seeking to build their email lists. Should be interesting to see how this works
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We're happy to have you, John! Let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

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John Bougearel

Thank you Karen,
where/how do I nose around for online marketers looking to promote and advertize online.

In short, what marketers do you recommend would be a good "pairing" or match for my financial blog?

I may just follow your two best recommendations just to try it out

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Hi John,
I'm not entirely sure I understand your question. Our service provides you with B2B content that you can provide to your audience in order to generate lead revenue from us. Finding online marketers and advertisers is not our specialty.

If you're asking what offers I'd suggest you promote on your blog, I'd first recommend that you check out all of the offers available. Your co-brand site that we created for you is: You can create promotions to post on your blog from any link you find on that co-brand page OR you can use the ad wizard to generate widgets that you can post on your blog.

If you want recommendations for specific offers to try out, feel free to contact your account manager. Vince Chiarlone, He's there to help you with any promotional ideas and advice you may need.

I hope this helps!