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The RevResponse Team is thrilled to announce the release of our brand new website and Partner Portal! This release includes two massive updates to – a brand new Dashboard with new reports and analytics, plus a sleek new responsive design. Please take a minute to read through this Announcement and make yourself familiar with your new Partner Portal.

The Dashboard

The most exciting element of this release is the Dashboard, a core tool for all Partners. We are thrilled to be able to bring the reports and analytics directly into the Portal for 24/7 access. Let me take you on a quick tour of the Dashboard:

The Dashboard is the new homepage to your Partner Portal. All reports on the Dashboard reflect the past 30 days of activity for your account.

Starting at the top next to “Dashboard: 30 Day Trend” the specific 30 day date range is shown in the upper right corner. For quick insights into your recent promotions, Yesterday’s earnings, leads, and eEPF are listed in the top row of your dashboard.

Next, you will see the Earnings vs Leads double-axis bar and line chart; Earnings is represented on the left axis and Leads on the right axis. You can toggle Earnings and Leads on and off by clicking the blue and orange icons in the legend. Rollover the bar and line charts to view individual daily values.

The third module on the dashboard lists your running 30 Day Total stats along with the percent increase/decrease over the Prior 30 Day Total. These deltas are helpful indicators towards how your promotions are trending month-to-month.

A new feature for the Partner Portal is the Top 3 Earning Offers Report. This report lists your highest earning offers within the past 30 days. Use this information to identify strong offers for re-promotion; this can also help guide new offer selection. As always, we strongly recommend that you check the status of the offer before you promote.

Audience Intelligence Reports

A brand new set of analytics, now available within the RevResponse Partner Portal, are the Audience Intelligence Reports (AIR Reports). This set of charts includes five key indicators profiling the professional demographics of your Audience. This data is compiled as your Audience submits requests for the offers you are promoting. Learning the demographic profile of your Audience is critical to increasing revenue as a digital Publisher. Read more about Audience Intelligence Reports.

Geo Map:

The 'Audience by Country' Map and Table are part of the AIR Reports. Rollover each highlighted country for stats - and zoom for details.

Note: “Other” represents the actual form selection of the value “other”. “Remaining” represents the summary of all values that fall below the listed top ten in each chart. The donut charts are interactive; rollover each section to see the value.

Live Feeds:

The right rail of the Dashboard features three main sections: live offer feed, recent blog posts, and the @RevResponse Twitter feed. The Live Offer Feed will list all new offers as they are released and/or re-released to the Network; feed updates every 30 minutes. Each offer links to the live Request Page including your Partner URL, or you can click “Full Offer Catalog” to go directly to the Offer Catalog to find more information and search other offers.

RevResponse on-the-go!

A major focus of this release was to bring Partners a mobile-friendly site that could provide quick earnings stats, new offer updates, and resources easily on-the-go for Partners. The new website has been optimized for tablet and smartphone use. The key areas of the site recommended for use on mobile include: Dashboard Reports and Analytics, Offer Catalog, and the RevResponse Blog. More cumbersome selections of the Portal including the Tool Kit Builder and Report Downloading are not recommended for use on mobile. You will notice on smartphone devices that the Live Right Rail on the Dashboard is hidden. This feature is only visible on larger screens including tablets, laptops, and desktops. Also, logging in is easier than ever with this simple (and dare I say beautiful) sign in page:

Subtle Tweaks & Refinements:

There were many minor updates, revisions, and edits included in this release. Many of these aren’t particularly exciting but we thought it would be helpful to point out a few in the event that you were looking for something that has gone missing.

My Account: For instant access and ease, your account is now located in the top right corner of the site. My Account has not functionally changed and remains your destination to edit Contact Info, Payment Info, etc…If you have uploaded a profile photo in the past, that photo will be used as your avatar. Otherwise, if you’d like to upload a new photo now for your avatar, Go To: My Account/ click “Edit Profile” / Upload a photo

Site Editor: The prior ‘Resource Library’ capability has been more accurately labeled as ‘Site Editor’ and has been moved to the left-nav for easy and persistent access. The Site Editor is where you can go to completely customize the look and feel of your offer landing pages.

Tool Kit House Cleaning: Fresh paint on familiar tools. Clean messaging for better quick-hit understanding of each tool and its core value prop.

Transactional Page Optimizer: Being that many of you of expanded the use of the ‘Thank You Page Module’ well beyond traditional thank you pages, we’ve more accurately renamed this tool as the Transactional Page Optimizer. This is the tool you want to use to monetize pages outside of your standard content/editorial centric flow. Thank You, Confirmation, Purchase and Registration Pages are great example implementation points…the #1 missed opportunity by Publishers.

Resources & Blog: The new 'Resources' section in the left-nav expands to access the RevResponse Blog along with several additional helpful articles to guide the monetization of your Audience.

The RevResponse Team is so excited about this new release for all Partners and we hope you enjoy and take advantage of the newest Dashboard reporting and analytics.
If you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to your Account Manager, post in the Forums, or submit questions via Contact Us form.

PS – A $5 Starbucks Gift Card goes to the first Publisher to find the surprise feature on the website!

(Hint: you may or maynot need to be logged in)

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