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I can see from "Report by offer" how well each report / item is doing, but cannot tally this with the "Report by time period" in order to work out what each report / item is actually worth. The Offer Catalog lists items as $, $$ or $$$ - but not how much those symbols represent. For transparency's sake, I'd like to be able to see the monetary value of items.

My daily "Report by time period" shows different average earnings per lead each day, but I'd prefer, if asked by my contacts "are you making money on telling me about these ebooks?" to be able to say to them genuinely "yes, for each click-through and download of the XXXXX report, I get $YYY, and for the ZZZZ report I get $AAA".

I suppose I *could* download my reports each day and chuck them into a spreadsheet, and add in some formulae to try to work things out, but it'd be pretty complex. It'd be far easier if the Offer a Catalog gave the actual monetary value for links...

Any chance??

Many thanks!


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