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I find most of the product offered through offer catalog is not useful for Indian public and hence I am refraining from publishing it in my career blog: How are other Indian publishers doing? Would love to know your response!
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I'd love to hear from other publishers in India as well. I'm sure that their feedback to you will be incredibly valuable.

What is it about the offer catalog that you do not find valuable? By sorting by country for India you should be able to find offers that are available and relevant to your audience.

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Thanks for the inputs..
May be my blog (on career) does not suits the products on offer and Karen, that is why I am saying that I am finding the "catalog not valuable". However I should not have generalized it as for all Indian publishers..

Actually I find many of the offers good, specially those of Oracle's etc., but not on offer for India..


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You're right that the number of offers we have for India is much less that for the US. However, if your site traffic is international - even with Indians working abroad, you can use the Ad Wizard to generate an Ad module. The Ad will be geo-targeted dynamically so someone visiting your site from the US will see ads valid in the US and someone from India will see ads valid for India.

This is a technique used by many of our Indian publishers.

Jay Kalpathy,
CTO, NetLine